Business Development Strategies

 Grow Your Business Online with 10-Step Strategies 

To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart  - Sr. Thomas Watson


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I help Solo Entrepreneurs in online business development strategies. Business development strategies are the keys to your marketing. If you have business development strategies in place, you will have congruency and clarity. I provide coaching and consulting for you whether you just start it with ideas or you want to reevaluate your existing business.
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Website and Blog Design

In the era of Internet and technology, you have an equal opportunity to succeed. A website is like your virtual business address. People visit your website, and they get to know you and your products. I help you design a personal branding website with blog.

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Product Creation

Turn your information into information product. I have created several information products. If you need help to create information product, I'm ready to help you step by step through consultation.

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What is The Language of Leadership in The New Economy?

  Someone told me, "We will make you a leader. We have a new opportunity." Leadership is not transferable. The leadership has changed as we are now in the new economy. The new economy is the economy based on the Internet and technology. The leadership in the new economy is no longer about authority and power. With the Internet, technology and social media [...]

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The Challenges of Being a Supermom in The 21st Century

To all fellow mothers, I appreciate all the hard work that you have done for family; and most moms are trying to be a supermom in this 21st century.  Supermom means moms who can manage home, bring up children well and have a fulfilling career. I would say that it is not easy to manage home, family and a career at the same time, but we have choices in life. Having a career i [...]

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How to Brand Yourself

Recently, I received a question, how to start personal branding online. If you are building your business or career online, you need to differentiate yourself from others. People recognize you by your personal brand, not your products or services. You can think of your name as a personal brand. Why not? There are many famous personal brands such as Oprah Winfrey, Gu [...]

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Make Dream Come True| Learning from Kartini's story

How do you want to make your dream come true?  Sometimes, we can't make our dreams come true by ourselves. We need help from other people to make our dream become a reality. If you are a Solo Entrepreneur or building your career solo, you need other people to make your dream come true. You need to improve your skills continuously so you can help your clients with your product [...]

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About Viviana

Viviana Andrew (Viviana Widjaja) is a certified professional coach from the Academy of Coaching Cognition. She is also a coach/consultant at the School of Online Business; she helps students at the school in building their marketing funnel. She believes in human potential. Therefore, she helps her clients from "not knowing" to "knowing" about their potentials using personality profile analysis. Self-knowledge is important to achieve a balance in life and to design your life for greatness. Intuition, creativity and analytical skill are her assets. Life is about making choices. She is glad to make the right choice to build her career online. She developed herself from "knowing nothing about computer and Internet" to "networking and collaboration with International team" such as co-authoring the books "Living without Limitations" and "Best Coaching Tool"

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