Viviana is a life and business coach with international coaching and consulting experience. She holds a Master degree from the University of Warwick and certificates in Coaching. She obtained her Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from ICF (International Coach Federation) Global. She is into life-long learning, with interest in personal and professional development. Besides coaching, she also builds websites and online marketing system for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners, having worked on building her online store and Internet marketing. 

She produces numerous videos on marketing and personal and business development through her Youtube channel and has also made a comprehensive video training on "Youtube Marketing" for the School of Online Business.

Through social media, Viviana has built a network of clients worldwide who also become her network of friends online. Her major clients are from the UK and Canada, and she uses online meeting platform to connect with them for coaching and consulting. Viviana built websites and online marketing systems for her clients and helped them create their online course and digital products. 

Viviana  is a great listener and very perceptive.   She is very knowledgeable about marketing.   She is above and beyond to answer my questions. I was able to move forward with my niche in one area that I may not have looked at before.   I feel that my life has been blessed and enriched by talking to and spending time with Viviana

Tara Lee-York, Canada

Viviana also expresses her thoughts on coaching and marketing in her blogs, social media sites and has co-authored books on personal growth and coaching.  Read her author page at Amazon. 

Viviana also has a deep passion for Eastern philosophy and holistic life approach. In her free time, she likes to travel to new places with her family to spark her ideas or creativity. 

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