Why Start A Business


If you are not sure “why start a business”, you come to the right page!

Why Start a Business?

1. Make Money online

When I asked people why they wanted to start a business, most of their answers were they wanted to make money online. With Internet, mobile technology and social media online, it becomes easy to start a business online with small start-up capital and to do marketing online.  I started my first venture by being a blogger and set up my first blog for a niche of mums. I had young children and I was a stay at home mum. I shared my life experience as a mum by writing articles for my blog. So, you can start a business by  using a blog as your marketing platform. What you need is a webhosting to register the name of your blog/website such as VivianaAndrew.com. Webhosting is like a place to operate the business. You rent a virtual place to run your business yearly and it is quite affordable for most people. You can do blogging in your spare time even you’re a stay at home mum or a full-time working mum. I can say that this is your first small baby step to make money online.  Ask yourself what are your passion, life experience, interests and hobbies you can monetize. Having lived many years, we become an expert of our life experience. Many people build their business by tapping their passion and life experience. I hope that you don’t fall into a trap of program or people who promise you to make money online without doing anything. If it is easy, it isn’t worthy and you don’t learn anything. If you want to build a business by copy and paste, it will not be sustainable for long-term. You build a business by building your own expertise. You’re as a unique individual. Nobody else is like you. You certainly can start a business independently by being a Solo Entrepreneur. If there’re things which you can’t do, you can always outsource and get help from other people. Don’t be afraid to contact people for help. Of course, you pay those people to help you. Just like you visit a doctor to help you cure your illness or pain. You pay the doctor because he gives you his service and time right? Previously, I held myself to ask help, I tried to solve problems by myself and I found out that I procrastinated more rather than getting problems solved. Thus, I didn’t make any progress in my business.  Starting a business is easy, you can always learn, but keeping commitment and growing your business is not easy. I wasn’t not familiar with goal setting before. I wasn’t told about goal setting when I was young. But, now I understand that goal setting is the tool to create and to achieve result and success you desire. To build a sustainable business, you need to have commitment and accountability. Thus, you need support to keep your commitment and accountability. You need to find a community which support you and having a coach does help you with setting your goals.

Things to consider when starting a business online. You can start using a blog.

  1. Your plan: brainstorm ideas such as niche, keywords, business name or domain name (you can use your name as business name to reflect your personal brand), topics of your business.
  2. Register with webhosting  for your domain name (it’s like the name of your business) and hosting (to rent a virtual space for your business address). Start with a blog. As you develop your blog, you will explore what types of products you are going to sell.  You can be an affiliate marketer by selling other people’s products or creating your info products. Creating info product is easy too, you can sell e-book and training/workshop in video tutorials.
  3. Open social media accounts. Use what you currently have as a starting point such as Facebook. Other social media links: Linkedin, twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, Instagram, You Tube.
  4. Open a Paypal account so you can receive payment online.
  5. Share your work/articles or marketing messages through your social media links. You’re doing what is called as social marketing/social selling.
  6. Set your goals so you create success and milestones.
  7. Get support by joining a community and having a coach/mentor to keep your commitment and accountability so you don’t give up your dreams and goals easily.

If you aren’t sure what types of business, niche for blog, you can have coaching or consultation with Viviana even you just have an idea and I can help you.

2. Personal Growth

I dedicated most of my time for my family. I began question myself, “Is there anything I can do to help myself and to contribute to other people?” Building a business and being a Solo Entrepreneur gave me self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence. I can become an Internet-savvy person although I have no background of IT. Today, you can learn things easily by following tutorials. There are people who study computer and programming, but they don’t monetize their skills on the growing trend of Internet yet. By adopting continuous learning and building a business, I never grow old LOL because I exercise my Intelligence everyday. If you see famous and successful people, it seems they never grow old. They have sharp mind because they always use their mind. God gives me talents and I make God’s gifts to serve people and to contribute to mankind through my business.


Being a Solo Entrepreneur and building a business, you have a full control of your life 100%. You have your time 100%, how you want to use your time as an asset to manage it wisely. You have freedom to express yourself by creating product or service and through your marketing messages. You exercise your creativity and imagination even you think you don’t have them. I wasn’t creative and imaginative either. I learned by doing.  It’s just like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time.

4. Making A Difference In The World

We are doing business not only because we want to get rich by ourselves. We can only make money if we help other people. We serve people through our business. People buy product or service and exchange them with money. They buy because they need solution in their life. By doing a business and being a Solo entrepreneurs, you make a difference in the world, you’re doing THE ACT OF SERVICE and you contribute to the world. You get paid by providing values and solution to the customers.  I learn to let go my ego, by providing free values on my website.

5. Building Your Network

Building your network is like building your networth. Knowing more people will help you in your business. You will make new friends outside your circle of friends. I never imagine to make new friends worldwide by using internet. When you build your business, you build your network too.

 So, I hope that you are inspired with more reasons behind why start a business. It is not just to make money only