Attracting Success with Power of Visualization

Why Power of Visualization?

The power of visualization is the most important tool to help people achieve their goal faster. The invention happens because the inventor is able to visualize their creation. Inventors, leaders and sales people have used the power of visualization to create things or to visualize their results. Kids are very good in exercising the power of visualization. They can visualize  or capture their ideas into pictures vividly. They have their wildest ambition or what they want to be when they grow up.  As we grow up, we find it hard to visualize our dream. That’s too far to project. We’re always thinking of what is possible for us.  If we are not able to visualize our success, what are working toward?

Attracting Success with Power of Visualization

 I’m learning about the power of visualization as part of attraction marketing strategy for attracting success.  I guess that I practice visualization without I even realize. I see  amazing results recently. I’m sharing here how I stumbled upon my business mentors and how  I met my ideal team member in my network marketing business.

How I met my upline in network marketing business

I am not a technie person. I imagined what if I had a business mentor who knew everything about technical stuff and online marketing. It would be nice that I get help in my online business. I read his blog regularly and I knew that he has caring attitude. Finally, the opportunity came and I joined network marketing business under him. I received business mentoring and technical help. He is commendable and we have a healthy business relationship. A healthy business relationship in my network marketing business brings a positive growth in me and my business.

How I met my business coach in attraction marketing

I needed a little push in my online business. I wanted to move forward, but I was clueless on how I’m going to do it. I visualized what if I were coached by the top earners in attraction marketing industry, would it make a difference for my results?  I really couldn’t hire a top earner to coach me.  I read her blog, be a regular commentator on her posts and read all testimonials about her. I guessed that she noticed me.  One day, she approached me and invited me to join her  elite attraction marketing team. It’s like a dream come true for me.

How I recruited my ideal team member in network marketing business

Network marketing business and online marketing are tough. It is not for people who have scarcity mindset and get-rich-quick attitude.  I guess that I’m having bad prospects who want to do the business, but they don’t want to do the work and don’t want to make investment.  My friend, Adrienne Smith replied to my comment,  “Hey Viviana, why not you visualize your ideal customers. I used to have bad prospects and now, I’m getting results by using power of visualization.” Yes, that’s the answer that I’m looking for. I’ve been learning prospecting skills, how to answer people’s objections. I guess that I have negative effects by answering the objections from negative prospects. Once I visualized my ideal prospect, he appeared before me. What surprised me was he didn’t ask any of those objections.

It looked like that all those events above happened by coincidence or luck.  They were not. They happened because I visualized them. Power of visualization helped me focus better. I don’t know how to do it but the ideas will pop up out of somewhere any time. The law of attraction is working when you turn your ideas into actions.  You can do it by reading the book of successful people and take notes of their success habits.  When you fill your thoughts with positive stories, you will produce positive ideas which you can turn them into actions.

As always, I would love to hear your sharing about how power of visualization help you attract your success








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  • I think I must do this one wrong. I’ve always been a visualizer for what I want in life (have a great imagination) but the results have never aligned with what I visualize. Don’t get me wrong, I succeed at alot, but that seems to be because of the work and effort I put into something vs. the “Attraction” effect.
    Warren@Internet Marketing recently posted…The Simple Ways To Building A Niche Website Empire!My Profile

    • Viviana says:

      Hi Warren, you know exactly what you want. What happens after visualization? write it down and take action plans. But, great, you have achieved success.

    • Viviana says:

      Hi Warren, you know exactly what you want. What happens after visualization? write it down and take action plans. But, great, you have achieved success.

  • Indeed Viviana! I couldn’t agree more. Well said. The only thing I would add is that visualization becomes more powerful if you FEEL it in your system—as if what you’re presently visualizing has already happened. Blessings!
    Srinivas Reddy@Child Or Baby Not Eating recently posted…Child Or Baby Not EatingMy Profile

  • I like to visualize and getting good success with it, though I like to visualize path along with the destination as it gives a good way to set intermediate targets and help in a focused journey towards the destination.
    Sanjeev@Build Traffic recently posted…4 Tips for Building Traffic for Your BlogMy Profile

  • Hi Viviana,

    I had known about visualization before I came into the network marketing scene, however it was reinforced in my system when I watched ‘The Secret’. Powerful movie!

    While a lot of people who dont understand the way visualization/attraction marketing works and call it luck, it is important to know that nothing happens by chance. Everything that happens is created by something and just like it is advisable to cooperate with the law of gravity, it is also advisable to cooperate with the law of visualization.

    Congratulations on your successes. This is to many more!


  • Hi Viviana, visualization is of great importance if you want to be successful, the main reason is that by visualizing yourself as a successful person it makes you believe even more in yourself and you feel that it’s impossible to fail. This mindset makes you work even harder and even failures (that are unavoidable) can make you even stronger if you see them as lessons and not just failures…
    Kostas@Extra Income recently posted…Why Your Blog is (or should be) more RelevantMy Profile

  • Joyce says:

    Visualising is a daily habit for me but I always induces it with action.

    Visualising is a wonderful habit one should learn to practice in their lives. We can manifest great things with visualising it, it put things to motion.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Joyce recently posted…The 12 Word Calculation That Guarantees Business SuccessMy Profile

  • Catarina says:

    Visualization is a wonderful idea. Has anyone of you managed to make a million dollars by visualizing it? Have unfortunately never managed to visualize something so strongly I can feel it.

    But on the other hand whenever I really want something I always get it, without visualizing it.

    • Viviana says:

      Hi Catarina, appreciate your feedback although you’ve different view from mine. You always have determination to make it happen. Actions must follow visualization to make the goal or dream happens. The inventor create a new invention by visualization first.

  • Alan Cheng says:

    One of the things I do visualize a lot is expecting a parking space when lots of cars are waiting.

    Funnily enough, I normally get a space and it’s not a surprise to me 🙂

    So yes, I do believe in visualization.
    Alan Cheng recently posted…Blog Crashes – Posts and Pages DisappearMy Profile

    • Viviana says:

      ha…ha, you’re funny. Yes, things happen if we really want it and visualize it. That’s how the invention happens because the inventor visualize the idea first.

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