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Learn More About Your Bird Personality

Do you believe that our personality plays a role in the way we think, behave and do things?

Some like to be in control, to be in charge, pay attention to structure and rules. Some are easygoing, warm, flexible and just enjoy the present moment. Arguments or conflicts are often caused by differences in our personalities. In order to live in harmony, we need to accept, understand and respect them. While learning our personality gives insight about ourselves and maybe we can work to improve our weaknesses while relying on our strengths.

Recently, I stumble upon DOPE – find your bird personality today created by Richard M Stephanson. DOPE stands for Dove, Owl, Peacock and Eagle. I find it interesting that human personality resembles bird personality.

So, what kind of bird personality do you represent?

You can take the test online at and learn more about your bird personality.

The results of test define our personality based on whether we have a tendency to use our left brain (logical thinking) or right brain (emotional intelligence) and our communication style, active or passive.

By learning more about our own bird personality, we can find something about ourselves. You can guess other people’s bird personality and compare it with actual results. We want to understand, accept and respect them for being who they are, so we can live and work in harmony.

There are four types of bird personality:


Dove is a symbol of peace, love and kindness. The person under this category will have a tendency to avoid conflict, and they are kind, patient and giving. They prefer passive communication and they have high emotional intelligence.


Owl is a symbol of wisdom and the wealth of knowledge. The person under this category will have high logical intelligence. They like details, and they’re curios, careful and determined. However, their negative traits can be self-centered and indecisive, and they prefer passive communication.


Peacock is a symbol of beauty. Therefore, peacocks like to show off, and they are social and outgoing. They have high emotional intelligence and active communication. However, their negative traits can be selfish, controlling and too emotional.


Eagle is a symbol of boldness and decisiveness. They have high logical intelligence and active communication. They are aggressive, driven and independent. However, they can be pushy, stubborn and egoistic.

I guess most people will not have 100% of one type of bird personality. It is likely that you’ve a hybrid personality. For example: I have 45% owl personality and the rest percentage are made up by Dove, Peacock and Eagle. It means that I think and behave like an owl because it is my dominant personality.

I hope that you will take a test and encourage your family, close friends and co-workers to take a test too. Have fun!


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