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Attracting Success with Power of Visualization

Why Power of Visualization?

The power of visualization is the most important tool to help people achieve their goal faster. The invention happens because the inventor is able to visualize their creation. Inventors, leaders and sales people have used the power of visualization to create things or to visualize their results. Kids are very good in exercising the power of visualization. They can visualize  or capture their ideas into pictures vividly. They have their wildest ambition or what they want to be when they grow up.  As we grow up, we find it hard to visualize our dream. That’s too far to project. We’re always thinking of what is possible for us.  If we are not able to visualize our success, what are working toward?

Top 10 Signs You are Building an Unhealthy Business

What is a Healthy Business? How do you see that your business is healthy?

A healthy business is a profitable business. Yes, that is true.

What makes the business profitable?

More customers

What comes before the sale or transaction?

Building relationship

I see the cause here in building a healthy business. In order to build a healthy business, you need to build a healthy business relationship with potential customers.

Attraction Marketing Tips – Personalize Your Home Based Business

I  know that attraction marketing is a hot topic. If you feel frustrated with the push marketing or attacking marketing, don’t conclude that the business is not working. But, change the marketing strategy. Learn attraction marketing.  It makes you happy and potential customers will be attracted to you naturally. Let’s look at the essence why we are doing business and how to personalize home based business with attraction marketing.

My Sharing from Smart Congress, Singapore Social Media and Internet Marketing Seminar

I recently attended SMART Congress, social media and internet marketing workshop in Singapore from 28th to 30th October 2011. Internet business is the real hip business in this information age.  I could see the enthusiasm from the number of participants during the seminar. Young, not so young and people with full-time job have high hope and are looking for opportunities to make money on the internet.   I’m sharing my views and observations from the smart congress in Singapore so you will learn  why social media marketing and internet marketing are important in building your online business, about the global trend that makes people attracted to internet business and what it takes to build an internet business.

Brand Yourself as an Expert Author of Ezine Articles

I  recently received a surprised gift  from Ezine Articles because I achieved the status as a Platinum Expert Author of Ezine Articles. It is an honor for me as English is my second language.  It is  an affirmation that I  am an expert author in my industry,  network marketing internet business.  For your information, there are 3 status  of  Expert Authors in Ezine Articles:

  1. Basic
  2. Basic Plus
  3. Platinum
  4. Diamond

10 Most Common Reasons Why People Need Extra Income

If you wish to earn extra income, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave your full time job.  You can find ways to earn extra income and do it in 1 or 2 hours of your time effectively.  It is no secret that many full time working people build their home based business in their part time.

Extra income doesn’t hurt anyone. If you are willing to do extra work or travel extra mile for your boss,  I’m sure that you are more than willing to do something that can improve the life quality of you and your family.

Extra income doesn’t come without the hard work. It is not hard if you are doing what you always wanted to do.  If you are motivated and determined and you are willing to work for the long term, your efforts will pay off.

Let’s get to 10 most common reasons why people need extra income:

Would You Dare to Dream Like Kids?

Kids have no fear of success compared to adults. They dream to become someone. They have imagination, create something and they pretend to become someone. They dare to dream. They have a self-belief and they create things. As you grow up, you become more afraid of failures. You always say “What if” and you prefer security. It doesn’t mean that if you do nothing, you are secure. You may be secure now but you risk your life in the future. If you avoid risks now, you will face the risks in the future. You can’t avoid risks forever, you have to face it and learn to manage the risks. I believe that we all have dreams but we are too afraid to take actions and we have doubts. Have a self-belief, don’t be afraid to work for it, good things will come if you have positive attitude. Let the video below remind you how positive and cheerful you were when you were a kid.

I know that not only kids need a guidance, adults do need it. If you want to change your life and need a guidance,  click here to join our dynamic team and start believing that your dream is possible.