Inspiring Goals

Welcome…welcome year 2017! 🙂

January is the starting point of the landscape in the year 2017.

Have you started to write down your inspiring goals?

Your goals are not just goals which you never bother them.

I call Inspiring Goals because inspiration consists of two words: in and spirit.  It means the goals which invoke the spirit within you, and they have emotional meaning for you.  When you have inspirational goals, the inspiration part will empower you to achieve your goals.

What Are You Curious About?

Children are always curious about everything. When they are curious, they will explore and discover the answer.

We, parents often take safety steps for our kids. Too much of  NOs can kill curiosity in children, and we wonder why they are not creative.

However, as we grow up, we shut down our curiosity. Now, we yearn to be creative again.

Procrastination Help|Is There Any Antidote for Procrastination?

How do you get out of procrastination? Procrastination can bring disadvantages to us. We often procrastinate small things, and we think that’s okay. However, procrastination can be a major problem if you make it as part of your life. Procrastination can slow down our progress in life and in our career/business.

Procrastination Help

First step is to question why you procrastinate. People often disguise procrastination with the issues like getting organized or time management. In coaching, we guide the client to find out why she procrastinates. The coach will help the client to dig deep into the root cause of procrastination.

Here are some examples of reasons, why people procrastinate:

Success Tips|Make Your Own Rules of Success and Happiness

You don’t have to depend on other people or circumstances to be happy or to be successful. You can make your success or happiness now by creating rules of success and rules of happiness.

Success and Happiness are like 2 in 1, they are inseparable.

Success is getting what you want and Happiness is wanting what you get – Dave Gardner.

Success Tips

If you are a Solo Entrepreneur and you are building your business; you will attract success and happiness by creating and living your rules of success and happiness daily.  These rules will create good habits in your life.  Get my gift, What is Coaching.  Please share in the comment below what rules you have created in your life.


What is The Language of Leadership in The New Economy?


Someone told me, “We will make you a leader. We have a new opportunity.”

Leadership is not transferable.

The leadership has changed as we are now in the new economy.

The new economy is the economy based on the Internet and technology.

The leadership in the new economy is no longer about authority and power.

With the Internet, technology and social media, leadership is a matter of influence.

The Challenges of Being a Supermom in The 21st Century

To all fellow mothers,

I appreciate all the hard work that you have done for family; and most moms are trying to be a supermom in this 21st century.  Supermom means moms who can manage home, bring up children well and have a fulfilling career.

I would say that it is not easy to manage home, family and a career at the same time, but we have choices in life.

Having a career is good and healthy. However, working full time outside home can be demanding and commuting can add longer working hours. I believe that there is an option of working from home. I see the growing trend of entrepreneurship. Mothers set up their home-based business based on their passion. Yes, we can create our solo career from home by using the Internet, technology and social media. We are living in the new economy, where the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) can open up to possibilities. Beware of unscrupulous business opportunities  which entice to reward big money without working.  It is crucial to align your career with your passion, personality and talents.

Personal growth  and emotional balance are vital too.