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I work with successful women in their career or business with a growth mindset, and you are looking into midlife life/career transition and purpose. Please book your appointment below.  

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Here's my personal note

I have been on this solo entrepreneurship journey, from an online store, Internet marketing, and then coaching. As I'm getting older and had setbacks, it comes to a realization that I want to choose a holistic path, a balanced life. Here are the holistic frameworks which I create to support myself and women in business. 

- Work-Life Balance. I have become more aware of the importance of good sleep, personal time, meditation, and exercise for well-being. I'm learning that doing these feeds my body with energy and a sense of balance. 

- Personal & Professional Development. Learning doesn't stop after we become adults. Learning about subjects like energy medicine, transcendence, developing my coaching skills and joining coaching associations, and being a member of Mindvalley is part of my personal and professional development. 

- Envisioning. Envisioning is like tapping into possibilities because we allow ourselves to imagine who we want to be and our heart desire for what kind of life we dream of.  From envisioning, we can put it into goals. 

- Business Development. If we want to build a sustainable business for long term, it's important that we develop our business and align it with ourselves such as our values, goals, and vision. Sometimes we do change. I also change to explore into holistic business coaching because this corresponds with my heart desire and vision.