Building Your Professional Presence Online With Personal Branding Website

I never knew that the  Internet would provide an opportunity for me to redesign my life.

Previously, my option was only working at manufacturing company because I earned a degree in Engineering.

After a hiatus of raising my children, I couldn’t go back to employment, so I need to create a career for myself.

I value flexibility and freedom, and I have benefited so much from the Internet in terms of information and communication.

I connect with awesome mentors, coaches, clients and friends from different parts of the world whom I might not otherwise. 😉

I choose Internet-based because I don’t need brick and mortar building to market my professional service and it is cost effective.

I have built my online presence by using personal branding website and social media.

Now, I’m helping professionals, small business owners to build their presence online.

I know there are many professionals and small business owners who need help in expanding their career/business online.

They want to be known and to share their experiences and knowledge with the world while they market their products and services.

Trust me that you will feel much better and develop yourself if you are willing to share yourself with the world.

Social media like Facebook becomes popular because people want to share their stuffs with the world.

How can you build your professional presence online?

I absolutely recommend a personal branding website as the foundation to build your professional  presence online.

What are the benefits of having a personal branding website to build a professional presence online?

  • A personal branding website represents who you are and what you can offer to audience. Your brand, message and  functional yet beautiful website will enhance your presence.  You need more than just a website.
  • Sharing your expertise, knowledge and opinions. We are learning and receiving information daily. Why not share some of them which are relevant to your audience in your blog? You can create a section called blog to share your long written articles.  You can link social media to your blog, and you can share your articles on social media.
  • Building a list. How can you turn a stranger to be your customer or client? You need to capture their attention with “give away digital product” such as ebook or video in exchange for their email address. Then, they will become your potential clients/customers.  You need email marketing service to link to your website to capture their email. You see that your website is building a list of potential clients/customers.  When you have a list, you can email them.
  • Selling products or services. Create a sales page on your website and list your products or services and link the payment gateway to PayPal.  If you are keen to create and to sell digital products using information, life experiences and your expertise,  you can learn more from product creation

I don’t merely see the Internet as a money making machine, but  I’m using my website and blog to build my online presence, to share information and to connect with people besides offering my services which can add values to them. My website does change as I evolve too, and I care about my website.

I hope that you see the benefits of having a personal branding website to build your online presence.  🙂 Your website is like THE HEART of your business/career,  and  your website is  your virtual business address.  Build a proper website with webhosting, not a free website.

Before you make a buzz on social media, build your personal branding website.


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.