Building Your Niche Marketing Strategy

When you just start your business or career solo online, these two questions are important:

  • What product do you want to sell?
  • Who do you want to market?

The answers for the questions above is  by having a niche in your business.

Having the niche marketing strategy is important.

What is a niche?

Niche is about providing the solutions to your specific target market.

Integrate your passion and purpose into your niche so you will create unique solutions, products or services which will serve your target market.

For example: If your passion (your skill and what you love to do) is personal development coaching, decide your target market first. If executives are your target market, you will create product such as personal development coaching package for executives. Of course, this coaching package doesn’t serve parents because the coaching package will focus on work and career instead of parenting.

Having niche and evaluating of your niche will be part of your business development strategies and marketing strategies. Get 10-Step business development strategies here. 



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