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Online Marketing Trends 2016

With online marketing, you can reach people without any boundaries.  If you are selling information products, online marketing must be your marketing strategy.  With mobile technology, people can access Internet easily.  Thus,  your online marketing strategies don’t only reach desktop users, but also target mobile phone users.  People often say that their phone is their best buddy. If you are Solo entrepreneurs, take a look at my review for online marketing trends 2016.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can apply SEO in the articles of your blog, your posts on social media and even in your video. It is wise to search and to use keywords in your writing and spoken words.

Attraction Marketing Online, How to Be Incredible You in Business

I believe that each of you are incredible. You may have credibility which you haven’t showed up yet.  If you don’t have credibility yet, that’s okay, you can build it from now.

Today, I’m going to show you, how to build your credibility online and BE INCREDIBLE YOU.

Attraction marketing online is how you build and market your business by integrating you and your values into the business so you can attract your ideal audience.

Before I’m talking about HOW, I will give you the reason WHY you need to be incredible and build your credibility for your business.

You need to build your credibility so people can trust you and trust is an important key in building relationship with your audience.  People need to trust you before they buy your product or service.

Building credibility is not about showing off your credentials, but showing up with your values.

Now, I’m sharing  three tips, HOW to be incredible you so you can apply attraction marketing online into your business.

  1. Build your brand. What is your main brand message to your audience?
  2. Share how awesome and valuable you and your business by showing up your presence in the video and share your values.
  3. Connect with your audience, give them your free offer so they can get to know you and your business.

Are you ready to be INCREDIBLE YOU, to show up how awesome and valuable you and your business  to your ideal audience?

Video marketing is certainly the right tool to build your credibility in business. If you want to learn more about branding your video to video traffic, sign up at learn video marketing 

Check out my video, attraction marketing online, how to be incredible you in business. Share this video and subscribe to my video channel too.

The Secret of Attraction Marketing Online

The secret of attraction marketing online is to make yourself to be UNFORGETTABLE YOU in business.

If we want to attract our ideal audience, we dare to be unique. Be unforgettable you is the way to attract your ideal audience. Build your brand so people will remember you.  Branding is the customer’s experience about  you and your business.  You can sell different products, but your brand is unique and you own it. There is only one you.  Then,  be a person of VALUES. Make yourself to be VALUABLE so people can’t forget about you and they buy product or service from you because of your values. Lastly, connect your message with your audience. Inspire them,  entertain them and educate them.  If you want to be unforgettable you in business and apply attraction marketing online, video marketing is the right solution.

Attraction Marketing Tips, Make Money vs Make a Difference

What is more important to you, make money or make a difference first?

Many people choose the first option, to make money first and they assume that they can make changes for their lives.

When you are building a business, and you want to apply attraction marketing, to attract people into your business or to buy your product or service, you must think from the perspective of how your business can make a difference for people’s lives. Do inventory checklist for your expertise, life experiences and values. What can you contribute to people’s lives?

My tips for applying attraction marketing for your business is put aside of your thoughts about getting money from other people or how to sell product/service to people. I know that it is not easy, especially if you operate from scarcity mindset; you are afraid of losing money. You must focus on improving yourself and your business of how you can make a difference for people’s live so they are attracted to you and your business naturally.

Please watch my video below and share your opinions too in the comment box below.

Success Tips, Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes

Success Tips:

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Making mistakes is part of developing yourself and building your self-confidence. If you want to succeed, you can’t avoid from making mistakes. It’s okay to start from the beginner. Don’t let other people’s judgment stop you and don’t judge yourself, “I am not good enough.” How do you know that you are not good enough? How do you make a comparison? What would happen if you keep practicing and learning from your mistakes? You eventually become better in doing it, right? Making mistakes means you are still consciously incompetence, and you can improve from consciously incompetence to consciously competence and you can expand further to the zone where you will become unconsciously competence and acquire success habit.

success tips

If you see the examples of successful people, they had made mistakes before they succeeded.

What did Thomas Alva Edison say about failure? He said that he didn’t fail. He just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Colonel Sanders received rejections for his chicken Idea 1009 times and he had two years of driving across country alone, showing off his recipe before he heard his first yes.

I have joined three video challenges for practicing my presentation skill for the video. I also started from the beginner and I received feedback/reviews and encouragements during the video challenge.

When you were young, you were not afraid of making mistakes because you had support and encouragements from parents and teachers.

As you’re growing up, you avoid making mistakes. Even you’re an adult now, you still have your inner child. You expect support and encouragements from someone else such as your spouse, your friends, colleagues and community.

You seem independent now, but you’re not emotionally independent.

Coaching is designed to provide you with the support that you need. Not only a coach listens to you, but coaching is designed to develop your potential for excellence such as in goal setting.

 You can’t watch the video success tips, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and find out the best part after making mistakes:

What is Attraction Marketing?

With the Internet, technology and social media, there is a revolution in marketing. Attraction marketing is a powerful marketing concept to attract potential customers online, and you can automate your business. We don’t want to chase people down the road, and we certainly hate to be rejected by people. Attraction marketing online is non-aggressive way to market our business.  What are the important aspects in attraction marketing?

1. Personal Branding

Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are. Explore what you have and what is unique about you. You need to build your image to be the person you want to become and brand yourself. Share your opinion and let people know you.

2. Niche

You certainly don’t want to target everyone. Explore what is your expertise, monetize it and figure out your ideal customer. You only target a certain segment of the market who really need your product or service. Find out what is their problem and how you can package your solution to them.

3. Leadership

In business, you need to take leader role so people will trust you. You can start with self-leadership. Lead and manage yourself well so people will follow you and believe in you. Leaders are perceived as someone  with knowledge, so you need to acquire more skills and develop yourself from time to time.

You can watch the video “what is attraction marketing?”

5 Tips “Invest in Yourself” in Attraction Marketing

Invest in yourself is part of attraction marketing

Many start attraction marketing by investing in hard-core skills.  You buy courses and softwares to  help you building your own business.  It is nothing wrong. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with the massive information, there are so many techniques and tips that you can read and learn online.  Of course,  you need internet marketing skills to build your business online. However, the most valuable asset is within you. Invest in yourself first. A human capital is the most valuable asset.  According to Wikipedia, human capital has definition as follows:

“The stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

What will happen when you invest in yourself? You create your own values. Your product or service  includes your values, and you can set your price according to the values accumulated. The more you invest in yourself, the more values you have.  Attraction marketing works if you build a business around yourself, integrate yourself  or your human capital into your marketing and your business.

attraction marketing

attraction marketing