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Learn More About Your Bird Personality

Do you believe that our personality plays a role in the way we think, behave and do things?

Some like to be in control, to be in charge, pay attention to structure and rules. Some are easygoing, warm, flexible and just enjoy the present moment. Arguments or conflicts are often caused by differences in our personalities. In order to live in harmony, we need to accept, understand and respect them. While learning our personality gives insight about ourselves and maybe we can work to improve our weaknesses while relying on our strengths.

Recently, I stumble upon DOPE – find your bird personality today created by Richard M Stephanson. DOPE stands for Dove, Owl, Peacock and Eagle. I find it interesting that human personality resembles bird personality.

What Kind of Environment Helps You Grow?

You may hear the quote that Challenge Makes You Grow. What kind of environment suits your personal growth? Do you think that everyone can grow in a harsh, die hard environment? Some people really develop themselves in a difficult environment. I had been in this environment where they only praised individuals with high performance.  Everyone has different personality and if you look at the plants; different plants grow in a different environment.  Enjoy my video, how you can develop yourself in the right environment.


The Benefits of Effective Communication

What is the number one skill which I need in marketing and business? My answer is communication skill. People who avoid communication have miserable life. If we can communicate effectively, the quality of our life will improve too.

I received my certificate, Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International because I completed 10 speech projects .  But, it doesn’t mean that Yea…I’m a good speaker. I don’t need to learn anymore.  In fact, my journey to be a better speaker is still very long, but I enjoy it to be a member of Toastmaster International.  I want to speak with purpose, to incorporate my coaching skill and to shift people’s perspective.


Benefits of Effective Communication

When I attended  Toastmasters International speech contest, it was amazing to see the speakers who could entertain and inspire the audience.  Speaking can be fun, entertaining,  inspiring and life-changing.

I see the importance of effective communication today.  The benefits of effective communication are plenty. When we  can communicate effectively, we  will feel good about themselves, and we build self confidence.  We also build  good relationship with other people. Our personal life and professional life will definitely improve when we change the way we communicate.

My question to you:  What is the number one skill that you need so badly so you can improve your life and achieve your goals?

You can watch my video the benefits of effective communication:

What is Goal Setting? Turn Your Goal Into A Reality

Every year, we create  goals and make new plans. There are various goals that you can set, and of course you want to make your goal setting become a reality. There is personal goal, business goal, goal for your health, goal for the family and others. One way that you will remember your goal throughout the year, not just you remember it in your head, is by writing down your goals.  If you are a visual person, you can make a  dream board for your goals. How do you know when you want to achieve those goals? You must make a time frame or deadline so that you can measure these goals. After creating the goals, of course, you have a strategy or game plan: how to achieve these goals.

What are the benefits of goal setting ?

Goal can measure your progress or achievement.  If we are afraid to create a goal, we are living without a direction. Without creating goals, we do not have the motivation for achieving higher. It would be great if you can push yourself to excel by setting goal.  By practicing goal setting, you will make it a good habit to achieve those goals.

Turn Your Goal into a Reality

Make goal setting according to the rules of the name SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time frame. After making goal setting, you create a game plan or strategy or ” to-do-list ” every day so that you will remember your goal.

Health is important. Unhealthy people will feel weary.  If you feel tired,  you will have no energy to work effectively.

Be Mr . Organizer , working in an environment that is neat, clean and organized to provide a comfortable working atmosphere for you.

You must have a belief or confidence that YOU CAN achieve these goals. Belief involves your emotion. If you have doubts, you do not have confidence in the goals that you just create for yourself. So you need to have positive emotion, practice “living with gratitude” every day. With gratitude, you are able to evoke positive emotion in yourself . If you want to do great things, you have to practice working on small things.

Associate with a community that can help you to succeed. The reason why I join few mastermind groups on Facebook is to get support and to network with people who are success-driven.

Having a Coach. Behind successful people, there is always a coach who makes them to be accountable for their own success. Athletes also have a coach, so they become the champion in the competition. Coach is the right person to connect with if you want to make your goal setting into a reality.

If you want to make changes in your life and to develop your potential, create your goals.




Certified Coach & Online Business Consultant

The Role of Love in Business, a Guidance for the Right Action

frozenDo you know that some people are just crazy about the brand? They do not only love the brand, but they can feel it if the brand is created with love.  There is the role of love in business. Some successful brands are created because the owner or creator put their heart into it. They have love and passion to create their products, so they put their creativity and ingeniousity into the products.

Take an example of Apple products. Steve Jobs is as famous as the Apple brand.  His passion and his quotes are worldwide known.

LOVE is powerful, and it’s one of the major positive emotions.

Everyone has it, and you can give it to people freely. It brings happiness not only for the recipient, but it also brings joy to the person who gives it.

I watched the movie FROZEN, and I captured the beautiful message behind the story. If you have the power of love,  you will conquer the impossible, and you will take the right action.


Anna who love her sister Elsa, would do the impossible to find Elsa, to find her cure and to bring her back home. She made her decision based on love.  Love brings courage. Even Anna didn’t know “HOW” or the solution yet, but she was willing to search for it. As long as she kept searching for the solution; the tool and the solution would appear.  Love brings clarity. Once Elsa’s heart  was filled with LOVE, she got the clarity and her action changed.

How do you apply the role of love in business?

If you have the power of love, you are willing to explore the uncertainties.  You are ready to go out of your comfort zone. The power of love will be your strength. Everyday you make a decision in your life and for your business. Every choice has its consequence. If you base your decision on love, you will be in the right direction. Even you don’t know HOW, but you keep searching, TOOLS, IDEAS and SOLUTION will appear before you. You will find your HOW. What a better way if you have someone to walk with you in your journey. A coach can become your light house, a guidance and accountability partner. If your heart is filled with love, you will feel positive, and you will find your clarity.  The power of love will give you the courage to conquer the Impossible. Attraction marketing is about “the act of giving” to attract people. If  you use the role of love in your business, you will do business with your heart and you will attract endless potential customers.

5 Tips “Invest in Yourself” in Attraction Marketing

Invest in yourself is part of attraction marketing

Many start attraction marketing by investing in hard-core skills.  You buy courses and softwares to  help you building your own business.  It is nothing wrong. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with the massive information, there are so many techniques and tips that you can read and learn online.  Of course,  you need internet marketing skills to build your business online. However, the most valuable asset is within you. Invest in yourself first. A human capital is the most valuable asset.  According to Wikipedia, human capital has definition as follows:

“The stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

What will happen when you invest in yourself? You create your own values. Your product or service  includes your values, and you can set your price according to the values accumulated. The more you invest in yourself, the more values you have.  Attraction marketing works if you build a business around yourself, integrate yourself  or your human capital into your marketing and your business.

attraction marketing

attraction marketing