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Tell Your Story, About Me

Tell Your Story

How long have you lived on earth, 30 years, 40 years or 50 years? Do you have stories to tell? Of course, you have plenty of stories to tell. You become the expert of your own life. How would you like to summarize your story in three to five minutes? The best way to do it is via video. Tell your story. Maybe, you think that you aren’t perfect, or you are not the expert. That is okay. You are perfect just the way you are. Do not wait until you are perfect, then you tell the story. Perfection will come along if you make efforts and progress in life. What should you tell in your story?

  • Tell about your name. I tell why my name is such a unique name.
  • Tell the place you live and your family or pets.
  • Tell about your interests, hobbies, passion.
  • Tell about how you overcome obstacles.
  • Your messages to inspire your audience and to connect with them.

You have the flow from your personal life to your professional life.

Here is the example of about me story. I am telling you that I am not perfect:

Another way to create a video “about me story” is by organizing your pictures and turn them into an animated video.

Even, my child 11 years old also created her video “about me story” for school assignment and it was quite fun to get to know her friends’ life too.

I would encourage you to tell your story and create “about me story”. My eldest daughter often has school project about video and I’m glad that I’m able to help her.

Thanks for watching the video “about me story”

Video Marketing Tips, Building Your Brand on YouTube

Video Marketing Tips, Building Your Personal Brand on YouTube

Many people don’t realize that YouTube is more than just a video-sharing platform or video-hosting platform.

You can build your brand on YouTube

Why is it important to build your brand on YouTube?

Branding communicates to your audience what they can expect on your channel. Having your brand on YouTube helps viewers understand what you are about and what you have to offer.

Video Marketing Tips

There are different types of brands:

  • for individual or personal
  • product or service
  • business or organization

How to promote your brand  on YouTube?

I’m sharing two branding strategies in YouTube video marketing in this video.

Learn more about YouTube Video Marketing


Video Marketing Tips, The Latest Feature on YouTube Video

YouTube as the largest video sharing platform always innovate and provide more features to YouTube creators. I’m sharing the latest feature on YouTube video. You can use graphics (in text and image) on the right side to promote your website and featured video. Isn’t it cool? You can watch the demonstration on this video, video marketing tips

video marketing tips


I have updated YouTube video marketing workshop with this tutorial.  Because of this new feature, the logo branding is now shifted to the right bottom corner. True, YouTube is as famous and powerful as Google. I would encourage you to use YouTube video marketing as your marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Tips, Six Important Steps for YouTube Video Marketing

There is no doubt that YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and it is owned by Google. Many of you have YouTube account, but you may not set up your YouTube account properly and you may miss some YouTube features. By having YouTube account, you can do more than just watching the videos; you can upload your own videos and share them.  It’s totally free to own your tv channel on Youtube.

video marketing tips

Today I’m going to share my video marketing tips, six important steps which you can do for YouTube video marketing.  The six important steps in YouTube video marketing are:

  1. Create YouTube account
  2. Be a YouTube creator
  3. Build your brand on YouTube
  4. Share your video with the world
  5. Make your video to be findable on Google by using SEO strategy
  6. Build subscribers/fanbase on YouTube

Watch the video below, video marketing tips, six important steps for YouTube video marketing for more details:

Video Marketing Tips, What Is Branding Intro Video?

Video Marketing is the trend for online marketing and the fastest way to rank your business and website on search engines like Google.  Today, I’m going to share video marketing tips about the importance of branding intro video.

What is branding intro video?

Branding intro video is the short clip which you can add in the beginning of your video

The duration of Branding intro video is between 3 to 5 seconds.

What are the benefits of using branding intro video?

The benefits  are to promote your channel and to create  awareness about your brand and  your message.

My question to you is how would you like to brand yourself in the video?

Watch the video below about video marketing tips, what is branding intro video. You can also find some examples of branding intro videos which I created for the clients to help them to be INCREDIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE in their personal brand. I look forward to helping you to become incredible and unforgettable.

 Interested to order branding intro video? Click here to purchase 

Here is a happy testimonial from the customer who purchased YouTube video marketing workshop.

video marketing tips

Video Marketing Tips, How to Make The Video Challenge More Fun?

When things get tough, how do you want to overcome the obstacle or the challenge?

One way is to ask a different question so we can take a different action and produce different result.

When I’m on 39th day of 90-day video challenge and I’m also in 26th day of  30-day video challenge, my croc brain puts up a resistance, “Don’t do it, just let go the challenge”

I need to switch to my monkey brain which induces creative side, it tells me differently, “Have fun, just do it.”

So, here it is my video marketing tips,  I asked myself a different question, “How to make the video challenge more fun?” instead of asking a question, “How can I be more persistent in doing video challenge?”

I like to call it 90-day video fun instead of 90-day video challenge.

What would you do if you have challenges in your life? What question do you ask to yourself?

I’m delighted to the response or comments of the video which I posted during the video challenge, 35 comments in a day and I made sales too for my YouTube video marketing workshop.


Video Marketing Tips



The benefits of video challenge are plenty for me:

  • I practice my communication skill.
  • I exercise to be creative, to produce one idea  for my video per day.
  • I have the opportunity to create different types of opt-in video and videos for various topics.
  • I have more bonding with participants in the challenge. We know them more through their video-sharing.
  • I educate people about the importance of coaching, goal setting and attraction marketing online.
  • I improve video editing a lot.

and the great things are I sold few of my YouTube video marketing workshops.

Please check out my video marketing tips, how to make the video challenge more fun:




Video Marketing Tips|Share Your Video

Video marketing tips, share your video

I am glad that I made decision to use YouTube to host my videos.  The advantage of using YouTube is because YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and it is owned by Google.  Why do we need to share our video? When we create a video for marketing purpose, the video is for your audience. So, share your video. I’m sharing three video marketing tips, how to share your video.

  1. Share your video from YouTube. I would recommend you to use YouTube to host your videos because it is so easy to share from YouTube.
  2. Embed your video in your blog or website. When you write an article, include your video. When you publish the article, don’t forget to share the article to various social media.
  3. Use email marketing to notify your list about your new article or video.

Check out my video marketing tips, how to share your video: