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Finding Your Light, Finding Your Purpose

Lanterns or light are often used in Asian cultures and religions, they surely have a spiritual and philosophical meaning for life. Light is like the source of life, and we need it to keep us alive and make life meaningful.

Bright red lanterns come in all kinds of sizes are such delight to see during Chinese New Year festival. People rejoice over these lanterns as they bring a sense of happiness and a promising bountiful new year.

Each of us has light inside of us. We need to take care of it so it’s shining brightly within us, and we also can shine for others when we are stronger.

The Benefits of Positive Emotions and Entrepreneurship

People of all ages have a tendency to be entrepreneurial with the technology and Internet. People are more creative to generate ideas, to make products or to create services that help others.

The good sides about being an entrepreneur is we work independently on our own although we can create a team. If you are doing it alone, get a support. Even Steve Jobs is not doing it alone, he has a coach to help him. We are the initiator. We do what we love, and we love what we do. We can apply our own ideas to make products or services which make an impact for people. We have the freedom and there is no limit of what we can do.

Entrepreneur Tips, What Inspires You?

Entrereneur Tips, What Inspires You?

Inspiration is important for Solo Entrepreneurs. If we have inspiration daily, we’re more motivated to work to achieve excellence. Without motivation or with low motivation, we just want to do it and we don’t want to push ourselves to do more.  So, what inspires you?   If you like to be inspired, visit my Facebook Page, Viviana. I post AprilSpiration, Inspiration for the month of April.

I’m so glad to join 30-day challenge Inspire. I have documented all the posters 30-day Inspiration which I made and posted on Facebook into a 2 minutes video. I hope to share the joy with my readers and fans.  What did I learn from the challenge? I’m sharing entrepreneur tips, the benefits of doing the challenge:

  • I learned to create my own inspirational message without copying from other Big Gurus.
  • Doing the challenge together gave competitive spirit.
  • I exercised my creativity by having one idea per day.
  • I loved the challenge. Joining the challenge boosted my self-confidence.
  • Completing the challenge gave me good feeling. I like to win.
  • It’s so fun to comment and to learn from other people during the challenge.

I would encourage you to take up the challenge if you have the opportunity.  So, here is the example of one of my poster:

Entrepreneur Tips, What Inspires You

Here it is the video of 30-day challenge Inspire. I hope that it will inspire you as well. Enjoy the video, Entrepreneur Tips, What Inspires You in A to Z inspiration theme. Cheers!