Chinese Astrology 2016 for Business or Career Development

Hello everyone,  I am going to share the updates of Chinese Astrology 2016 2016 for career and business development. Year 2016 will be Fire Monkey year  or people call it Red Monkey year.

How does year 2016 look like under fire monkey year?

Take a look at fire and monkey elements and their interpretations.

  • Fire on positive side represents beauty, elegance, passion, mannerism and performance. Fire on negative side represents  aggressiveness, destruction and fickle mind.
  • Monkey represents ambition, determination, intelligence, adventure and competition.

The events in the world in year 2016 will reflect fire and monkey elements.  There will be challenges and competition.

We can learn to control our behaviours to be on positive sides by having awareness. We make choices daily whether we want to be on positive or negative sides.

When there are challenges and competition, take them as ways to make progress, to be creative and innovative. We all make progress in a difficult situation, not in an easy environment.

People who have fire, wood and water elements in their personality chart will also benefit from year 2016.

How will each animal sign benefit from fire monkey year? Each animal sign usually has auspicious stars (positive effects) and inauspicious stars (negative effects).  These animal signs appear in the hour, date, month and year in personality analysis bazi.

Your success or happiness is always interconnected with other people such as your children or inner self, your spouse, your colleagues/your career and friends in your social circle.  They represent in your pillars in your personality chart.

If you want to tap the benefits of year 2016, sign up for personality analysis today.

I wish your success in year 2016.





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