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Are You Ready to Make The Best of Your Life?

Knowing your personality profile and tapping your opportunities for luck in year 2019 is important if you want to make 2019 your best year.  We will provide you with the  report for your personality and talents, how to tap the good energy in your house in 2019 and finally some tips to improve your well-being. 

Get one discovery session online, analysis for your profile and tips for just USD$25!

What You Will Get

These analysis and tips  are based on Chinese metaphysics and Eastern philosophy.

Personality Profile for one person

You will get to know your elements,  talents and the insight about yourself, your career and your network/opportunity in year 2019. 

Mapping Energy for your Home

Understanding the energy in your home is important so you can tap on good energy at your home to benefit you and your family.  

Improving Your Well-Being

I share some tips that can benefit your well-being 


Viviana was thorough, gave more than I expected by producing a file for me to have so I can review the information she provided, at my convenience, and she followed up with me more than once to share more information and support. I loved what she shared, and would very happily recommend her services to others.The information I learned from her is crucial for me to move forward with less conflict in my business plan.

Natalie Rose, Canada

Viviana is an expert in her field and very knowledgeable. I found the session very helpful in gaining insight toward my strengths and weaknesses regarding my career and also personal life using the ancient Chinese system of divination, the Ba Gua. I recommend this session to anyone wanting to an indepth and outside perspective on themselves.

Helena Sterne, UK


Coach Consultant

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