Do You Have Winning Qualities to be Internet Entrepreneurs?

More and more people are willing to be Internet Entrepreneurs  to make online profit. But, there is only a small percentage of  Internet Entrepreneurs who  build successful Internet Businesses. Why?  When I asked people why they wanted to start Internet Business. Short answer: They want to make money. They know exactly the unlimited potential to make online profit.  There are over 1 billion of Internet users  and more than 100 countries for untapped potential market. How to reach this untapped market is a question.

Most people are willing to make online profit from the Internet but they don’t have the winning qualities to be Internet Entrepreneurs.  What are the winning qualities to be Internet Entrepreneurs?

  1. Desire to Win. Let me give you an example of the athletes’ life. Their life is harder than ordinary people. Athletes are groomed to win all the time. After winning one competition, they have to prepare themselves for winning another competition. There is no place for them if they become losers.
  2. Life-long Learner. They never stop learning and they invest in education. They work to learn in order to gain knowledge and expertise.
  3. Attraction Personality. They have attraction personality to draw crowd and buyers because they have knowledge and expertise to share with people. Let me give you an example: Joey Yap, the fengshui master. When he conducted a workshop, there were lots of participants to attend his workshop to listen to his sharing of knowledge and expertise. Was it his intention to conduct a workshop only? No, his intention was to sell his products; consultation package, books and DVDs during the workshop. People bought his products because of his attraction personality.
  4. Willing to Change. They are willing to go out from their comfort zone to overcome challenges. The process and the journey will shape them to be better person, truly Internet Entrepreneurs.

So, if you want to build successful Internet Businesses and to make online profit, you shall develop winning qualities to be Internet Entrepreneurs.  Are you prepared to develop your winning qualities to be Internet Entrepreneurs? It takes time to grow yourself from NOBODY to a SUPERSTAR, from NOTHING to GREAT. If  you are ready to develop your potential to be an Internet Entreprenur, you can have access to Internet Business Strategy Training Centre.


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.

  • Ann Khee says:

    Vie, that’s so so true.. Many sees online business as an easy way to earn $$$ compare to retail shop. But I can say that it’s not easy at all! It’s almost the same as having a brick and mortar shop. There’s so much to learn everyday. I am looking for “sifu”, i mean mentors to guide/follow ;)) Your articles are quite interesting.

  • Hasnidar Ahmad (Haz Anuar) says:

    Hi Viviana,

    Your articles impress me so much. I am quiet new to this online business or internet entrepreneur (even though i was an IT Engineer before…). After resigned, i hv my own flower shop and managed to run the business for a couple of years only as it does not really give me profit and decided to shut it down for good. My passion to have it once more still in my mind…..and just recently, i am aware of so many blogs created to promote their businesses online. Then, it comes across my mind to build and have my own blog as they did. My blog still in progress… just want to have your guidance how to move on and stick to it as long as it takes. Thank you.

    • Viviana says:

      Not all blogs are equal. Bloggers who are willing to educate themselves will have a chance to succeed. So, the key to success is EDUCATION. Blog is just a tool.

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