Entrepreneur Tips, What Will Year Of Sheep Bring?

Chinese celebrated Chinese New Year on 20th and 21st February 2015 and people look forward to a good year in 2015. What will year of sheep bring? Year of wood sheep will bring peace and harmony to reflect the kind and tender sheep. It is a year of contemplation and reflection. The wood will add to the renewal and evergreen.

I’m sharing entrepreneur tips, how shall we do business in year 2015?

  1. Think of what we can do to server others so it will bring  good impact for you and your business, and your clients who you serve and to the world.
  2. It will be a good year to unleash your creativity too. I’m going to use year 2015 for collaboration and to create more workshop.

My question for you, what will you do in year 2015 to bring you closer to your dreams?

Watch my video below for my sharing in entrepreneur tips, what will year of sheep bring?




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