Entrepreneur Tips, WHY or HOW

Entrepreneur Tips, WHY or HOW

Which question is more important for you, WHY or HOW? WHY question is more inquisitive. You find the answer within yourself. You can get help from a coach to guide you find your WHY.  While HOW question is we have tendency to seek the answer from other people’s expertise. Products which provide HOW solutions such as how to lose weight, how to be successful etc sell fast because people like to find out HOW and get the answer. Often, HOW question stops us too. When we face obstacles in doing HOW, we don’t know how, then we give up.

So, question your WHY first before you go for HOW question. If you have strong WHY, you will not give up easily. Your WHY inspires and motivates you to get what you want and lead you to get the answer for your HOW question.

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