Fengshui Tips for Business or Career Development

As we are moving to new year from 4th February 2016, I’m going to share fengshui tips for business or career development. If you are not familiar with fengshui, here is the definition.

What is feng shui? Feng means wind and shui means water. So, wind and water are associated with good fortune, good feng shui means good fortune, while bad feng shui means misfortune.

Another definition of fengshui is Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing you with your surrounding environment. Your surrounding environment is your home or office. There are certain areas in your home or office which have good and bad fengshui.

How can you tap the benefits of fengshui in business?. You can activate the good fengshui sectors by doing activities or doing your work. For bad fengshui sector, you can avoid these areas by doing no or less activities. Don’t hammer, dig, renovate on those bad fengshui areas.

Here is flying star 2016 commonly used in fengshui to determine the good and bad fengshui areas.  The flying star changes every year. The chart below is valid until 3th February 2017.

flying_star_2016To use the flying star 2016, stand at the center of your house and use the compass to divide the areas at your home into these directions. The numbers in black colour denotes good fengshui.

Number 9 in East benefits people who are working in indirect wealth such as Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Number 1 in South East denotes recognition, advancement and helpful people. Thus, it benefits people who are in employment.

Number 6 in South denotes power and authority. It benefits people who have career.

Number  8 in South West denotes direct wealth (cash), finance and sales.  Thus, if you activate this area, you will work hard in relation to direct wealth.

Number 4 in West denotes romance or education. If you want your children do well at school, they should study or sleep in this area.

You can activate good fengshui areas by doing activities such as sleeping or working or by placing an aquarium or a plant in a pot of water.

Number 2 denotes illness; number 3 denotes arguments, number 5 denotes misfortune and number 7 denotes rivalry/robbery.  These areas should be avoided.

Besides using flying star 2016, make use of favourable direction in your life star. Every person has auspicious and inauspicious stars in their life star based on their birthday. By choosing good fengshui areas and favorable direction intentionally, you activate good environment energy to enhance your luck in life. Please note that your luck doesn’t depend 100% on fengshui. There are other luck factors as well such as your destiny/heaven luck and your man luck (your own efforts).  You can use fengshui to guide your journey 2016 to avoid misfortune and to tap on good fortune. Let’s make 2016 be your best year. 


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.