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Finding Ideal Clients Without Pressure Selling

I feel like that we are still in New Year mood in early January. Everyone talked about their New Year resolution and goals. It looks like they really want to work on their goals to make year 2019 better than the last year. It’s true that we always high hope in the beginning of the year to set our ambition.

I recently conducted a survey for small business owners to share their challenges and their dream solution, what they hope for.
If you are running a business and you are doing it solo, you can participate in the survey here.  🙂

I won’t share or sell your name and email to the third party. However, I may use the responses from the survey to answer your question or to give you a solution. If you need a discovery session, I’d be glad to help you, book here.

I received a couple of responses from the survey and the most challenge that small business owners have is finding clients while the dream solution they hope for is an easy way to find clients without pressure selling.

In my opinion, it is more worthy not just finding any clients, I would say finding ideal clients who are grateful to your products/services is the dream solution.

I like working with ideal clients because they see my strength, and they appreciate for the work I have done for them. Their appreciation gives the positive energy back to me.

So, how do you find your ideal clients online without pressure selling?
1. Have you had a marketing system online in place?
Today, you need more than just a website. Visitors visit your website and if you don’t capture them, they will leave and they won’t come back. You need to incorporate a marketing system online in your website to attract potential clients.
2. Build relationship
If you build your business, you should keep a list of potential clients, not just a list of customers. If you are building your business online, it’s good to build a list using email marketing software like MailChimp. You can send a mass email. Sending them emails isn’t just to sell, but also to share information and your values. In order to build relationship with them, is to show them what you are doing, asking them questions. This is a way to nurture relationship with them, planting a seed. I usually find my ideal clients in this process.

If you are interested to know more about a marketing system online to attract your ideal clients, you can sign up here. 🙂

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