Five Elements Concept in Chinese Metaphysics for Personality Profile

Hello everyone, I’m going to share tips about five elements in Chinese Metaphysics. The five elements are  fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  And these five elements are interconnected. They produce; they control; and they destroy. For example: fire produces earth; fire controls metal; and fire destroys wood.

The five elements in personality analysis  is to determine your main element or your main characters and the relationship with other elements.  If you have too much or too little of these elements, the solution is to balance these elements by working in the suitable career or industry or doing activities that will bring balance within these elements. For example: if your main element is metal and your wealth is in wood element. When we are talking about wealth; wealth is viewed as your career, business or investment. If you are lacking of wood element in your personality, thus you may do activities which have values or industries related to wood element. Wood Industries are teaching, education, wood-related industry or seasonal industry. You also have to exercise values-related to wood element such as kindness, compassion, growth, advancement to help your career or wealth aspect. If you are doing the act of kindness and you develop yourself, thus you are strengthening your wood element. You may see the impact in your career advancement  or business growth.

If you want harmony and fulfilment in your career and life, I would recommend you to  get personality profile analysis so you have self-knowledge about  your personality traits, talents, the suitable career and industry  and the activities that can enhance the balance within you.


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