Go for Goal Desire in Mompreneurship Journey


When I get older, I’ll be stronger…

Waving Flag Theme Song for FIFA World Cup 2010 really  fires people around the world.

I am sure we have all the excitements and are entertained with the 2010 FIFA World Cup Matches All Live from our television. What would you think the mentality of  these players? They must have the first class mentality to deliver TRIUMPH for their team and to make their country proud. With the pressure of fans and spectators, they must meet their expectation to “Go for Goal”.

Last weekend, I watched “Power of The Dream” school production with much excitement.  I had to say that all the words written didn’t only give encouragements to the students and teachers but also to parents who watched the performances.  I guess all great works and great inventions started with a dream, don’t you agree?

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney

We, ordinary people, can have a dream too. If we don’t have a passion in our life to pursue a dream, we live our life as a ritual and pessimism starts growing in our mind instead.  If we have a goal, we live a life with much excitement and we will pass our excitement to the people around us.  My Mompreneur journey in Network Marketing Internet Business has never been easy.  But, this is what I want to pursue and I’m lucky to have support from my team. I see that  J.O.B is no longer secure in the future. I have to depend on myself to create a J.O.B or BUSINESS for my own if none will give me a J.O.B. I share 2 keys success that we need to exercise daily to pursue our dream are:

1. Motivation

If we have inner motivation and inner belief in ourself, we will conquer all obstacles and our own liabilities.  The motivation will spark ideas and creative thinking. Never have a doubt for our capability. Our mind will take us far and the rest is just pure heart.

2. Discipline

It doesn’t matter of rain or shine, we must keep working toward our small goal. Set fractions of small goals to reach a big goal. With lots of practices and works, we will be able to reach a small goal. Our brain will get used to thinking and we will be getting better as days pass by.

With motivation and discipline, I believe we will work in our best performance. I wish that “GO FOR GOAL” in the 2010 FIFA World Cup will fire all mompreneurs to reach high for their dream.


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