Goal Setting and Challenges

What is the relationship between goal setting and challenges? In order to achieve our goals, we must go through challenges. Challenges are the opportunity for our growth, to improve our skills and to be a better person.  Every time we achieve goals, we become better and better.  Goals that I achieved in year 2014 were:

  1. I completed 10 speech projects in competent communication of Toastmasters International. I do need lots of practices for improving my communication skill
  2. I did 60-day video challenge.
  3. I created two info products, Create Your Success with Goal Setting and YouTube video marketing.

Early in the year 2015, I  take up the 90-day video challenge. What if I fail in the challenge? If I fail in the challenge, I’m sure that I will learn my lessons and I improve my skills, in communication and video. Of course, I always look at the positive side, what if I succeed? What results will I get? Communication and video skills are important for my career online as a coach and a consultant.  Besides, I’m exercising my commitment and accountability in achieving my goals.

Here is my video on day 1 of 90-day  video challenge:



Hello, I'm Viviana, a coach consultant and I'm working with small business owners and solopreneurs who want to build a thriving business online by automation and streamlining their marketing and sales process to attract more customers and build high value product package.