Goal Setting Tips 2016, 3 Coaching Questions

Hello my friends, I am sure that most of you have plans and goals for year 2016. Goal setting is a topic which I enjoy learning in my coaching training. Setting goals is not just making a statement, a smart goal. The process in goal setting is by asking questions. What kind of questions should you ask to yourself? If you have a coach; your coach will help you asking these coaching questions. Here are  goal setting tips, 3 powerful coaching questions . These coaching questions will help you to dig deeper of what you really want in your life or career


What question can formulate what is your goal. The examples of what questions are:

  • What do you want in life?
  • What is your deepest desire in life?

What question can reveal to you of what you truly want to achieve in life.


Once you know what you really want in life, then ask WHY. Why question serves the purpose you have behind your goals. If you have a strong WHY, your WHY will support you in overcoming obstacles.

Why is your goal important to you?


People often want to know the HOW first. The answer of HOW is sometimes a mystery. We don’t always know the HOW. The answer of HOW will be revealed to you when you keep repeating the question HOW. Your brain will search for answers. Often, you get ideas and you see the opportunity presented to you when you keep asking HOW.

I hope that you will apply these 3 coaching questions in setting your goals. Discover more how coaching can help you achieve your goals.


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