Goal Setting Tips | Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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Have you seen the iceberg? 80% of iceberg are hidden beneath the water. Our limiting belief is invisible and hidden like the iceberg. How did we acquire our limiting beliefs? We had them from our experiences, dealing with people. When someone hurt you, and you took the heartache and believed that it was your fault, and you had to hide it. This heartache can grow into a limiting belief, and you stop yourself from taking actions because this limiting belief limits you.

When I started to explore Internet Marketing, I had limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs came from the heartache that I had when I was young. I doubted myself if I could do it, I didn’t have the self-confidence in writing and speaking English. I learned to overcome my limiting beliefs by talking to a coach. When I talked about it, it brought my awareness. I had less fear too. I join Toastmasters to challenge my limiting belief of speaking.  I do make mistakes in my video or my writing, but I keep going.  Now, I speak English to native speakers using online platform week after week with my role as a consultant, a coach or a virtual assistant.

So, I would encourage you to discuss limiting beliefs you have with the person you trust or a coach. Challenge them and let them go gradually, so you can achieve your goals in the year 2016. Be happy and you deserve to have abundance in life. Watch my video goal setting tips, overcoming limiting beliefs above to learn more.



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