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How to Monetize Your Passion and Purpose Using The Internet


I would rather die of passion than of boredom – Vincent Van Gogh

Why are passion and purpose important in building your business or career?

PASSION was never mentioned at all when I learned Internet marketing or started my online store. I took a look at the trend of what others did, learned, copied and even duplicated them. I finally realized that making money based on duplication didn’t feel good for me. I felt lost.

Being a coach consultant, I rely on my skills on Internet Marketing and my passion on personal development, I feel like my purpose is to help small business owners build their business with joy by aligning their passion and purpose in their business and their online marketing system. We have the intention to build a business or a career which brings fulfilment and happiness into our life. Working with joy in our business or career is like an expression of living to our fullest potentials.

Just imagine if you are going for a long journey to achieve your dreams or goals, what do you need to take with you so you can be motivated to move forward?

You need PASSION as your HEARTBEAT or FUEL to give you energy because if you love what you are doing, you will feel alive.

Ask a reflection question to yourself:

Are you happy with what you are doing in your business or career?

If the answer is YES, that’s passion you have.

Besides PASSION, you also need PURPOSE as your COMPASS to guide you in your journey. Purpose often propels you to achieve your fullest potentials and to serve others at your best.

What’s your purpose in building your business?

For example: a massage therapist enjoys giving a massage therapy to people with back-pain problem or sport injury. That’s her passion: doing a massage therapy, and her purpose: she wants everyone to be pain-free. And she wants to develop her career to be a trainer and a coach. If she builds her career or business using her passion and purpose, she will be keen to develop her career further.

Just imagine if a massage therapist hates her job, and the customers who receive her massage therapy won’t feel good either. She has no plan to take her job further, because she doesn’t have passion and purpose in her job.

What a big difference you will make if you put PASSION in building your business, your customers will be grateful for your products or services and your marketing message will convey your passion. With passion, you will not loathe your business, yourself and your life. 

With PURPOSE, you will be inspired to develop your business or career. You focus on your purpose as your COMPASS. You strive to improve your potentials and provide the best for your customers.

How to Monetize your Passion and Purpose using the Internet

1. Share Your Ideas using Social Media

Social media is the free platform that you can use to share your ideas and to influence people. If you like writing, start blogging and write on other community platforms to drive traffic to your website. If you like speaking, start podcasting or creating videos on youtube. Sharing your ideas will build your authority, drive traffic and spark your creativity. In this information age, people like to share almost everything happened in their life. What if you use the same energy, to share your ideas to inspire people in writing or speaking, find the platform to write or to speak, and share them on social media.

2. Create Your Free Gift to Attract Potential Customers

In this information age, people like information. Why not convert some of your valuable information into digital products like an ebook,  audio or video which you can give for free as an exchange of their name and email. By collecting their name and emails, you can build a relationship online using email marketing.

3. Package Your Expertise into Digital Products

How can your expertise and skills benefit other people? Of course, not everyone will benefit your services. You identify who will benefit your expertise, and create products or services which people can purchase them online, and they can access them online.

Internet is the amazing invention, isn’t it? You can share ideas, create products, market them on the Internet. Give a touch of passion and purpose in everything that you do and people will value to those who build a business with passion and purpose. 🙂

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. John F. Kennedy

Here are some reflective questions to find your passion and purpose: 

What are you passionate about?

What is the purpose which inspires you to get going despite it’s tough?

What expertise and skills can you turn into valuable products?

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Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.