Inspiring Goals

Welcome…welcome year 2017! 🙂

January is the starting point of the landscape in the year 2017.

Have you started to write down your inspiring goals?

Your goals are not just goals which you never bother them.

I call Inspiring Goals because inspiration consists of two words: in and spirit.  It means the goals which invoke the spirit within you, and they have emotional meaning for you.  When you have inspirational goals, the inspiration part will empower you to achieve your goals.

Of course, when you achieve 100% of your goals at the end of year 2017, your mission will be completed and you will feel over the moon, satisfaction and fulfillment. 😀

If you complete your goals, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to set other goals.

We have new expectations every year, and we need to stretch and to grow.

What if you don’t achieve your goals? Do you need to give up for setting goals? No, you don’t. Don’t give up while you are still alive. If you achieve 70-90%, you are still considered successful because you put your efforts. Do evaluation or review, why didn’t you achieve it?  Please don’t blame others when you fail.Get up, set inspirational goals and use different strategies.

I always like goal setting since I learned coaching. Goal setting is the vehicle to move you forward from where you are now to where you want to be. And coaching is all about supporting clients to move them toward their better future.

So, how do you get motivation to set inspiring goals?

  • Attending a seminar. I recently attended goal-setting seminar to get a boost to set my inspiring goals. It’s really motivating to get fresh perspectives for setting goals.
  • Buy a new book or listen to a new audio to motivate you in setting your goals.

I also have my gift for you, Inspire Your Ambition to inspire you to have a great start in 2017.

What are the keys in setting your inspiring goals?

  1. Align your goals with who you are and what you do (your passion).
  2. Your goals must be ecologically safe for you. You feel happy about working toward your goals, you goals must benefit you, people around you and the world.
  3. Your belief. You must have a belief that you can achieve your goals. When you believe yourself, others start believing in you too. That’s how you can attract others and universe to assist you in achieving your goals.
  4. Self-awareness. Increase your awareness or your sensory so you can visualise your goals before they come true. Every inventor did visualisation before they made their invention real.
  5. Behaviour flexibility. Be flexible and adapt your behaviours to achieve your goals. Is there anything that you need to change so you can achieve your goals? Let go off resistance and build your persistence.
  6. Practice Gratitude.  Practice gratitude so you will get a guide from the Divine and everything will be in flow.

By adopting these 6 keys above, you will have inspiring goals.

I do recommend to have support system, because I know how hard it is to work toward our goals. Support system is people who can hold you accountable and make you be committed. They can be your spouse, siblings, friend, a mastermind group and coaches. Work with people who believe in your goals.

I hope that you will have an amazing start in January with your inspiring goals. 😉



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