Leadership Quest

How would you like to lead yourself and others?🙂

Leadership becomes part of our life without we even realize it. We can’t run away from it. We all have an innate capability of leadership if we search for it.

From the moment you stop leading yourself,  you lead your life to spiral downward.

Whether you are a leader in your family circle, an organizer of a small gathering for friends, a leader in an organization or at workplace, you still play a role as a leader.

When I was young, I didn’t take up any leadership roles at school. When I was working, I was appointed as a coordinator. That was my first experience with leadership. I needed to collaborate with people in order to get the jobs done. I realize that leadership plays a role in my life and in my work.  As a mother, I’m leading my children.  In my work as a coach consultant, I show my integrity and responsibility for my clients.

My leadership quest led me to International Coach Federation and Toastmasters International. I learn good values from these two organizations. They are good places to learn leadership and personal development. Toastmasters advocates the values of  RISE (Respect Integrity, Services and Excellence) and International Coach Federation advocates the values of Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. In these two organizations, I learn to collaborate with people. I meet coaches and Toastmasters from different countries. From these organizations, I learn to practice their values because I identify myself as a Toastmaster and as a coach.

Here are some reasons why we should embrace leadership into our life, not deny it or run away from it.

We learn more, we do more and we become more. We dare to dream more and our actions inspire others to do the same. 🙂

and I’m sharing some deep thoughts to question ourselves:

  • Are we willing to take responsibility for our own actions, and not blame people or situations?
  • Are we limiting ourselves to move forward?
  • Do we respect ourselves and other people?
  • Do we manage our failure and success well?
  • Do we manage our emotions well?
  • Do we take care our body and mind?
  • Do we look for solutions and resources when we have challenges?

Say yes to these questions and let’s welcome leadership quest into our life so we can become a better person, work toward a better life and a better future. We will have resilience and growth when we welcome leadership into our life. Seek for a community or an organizations which can inspire you and grow you as a leader.:)

Toastmasters International welcomes anyone regardless of their age (minimum age is 18 years old) and education background.


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.