Life Balance| Inviting Good Chi Into Your Life

Good energy is equal to a good life. Don’t you agree?
We are at the beginning of the year 2017; and now, it is still the right time to plan year 2017.
Who wants to tap good energy throughout the year 2017?

Albert Einstein said that everything around us is energy.

It just makes sense when we have good energy, we will have a life balance. Everything seems to be in flow.

I recently attended Chinese astrology seminar 2017, and I would like to share with you, how to tap good energy for the year 2017.
Remember that our life is determined by few factors such as our given destiny (I always refer it as personality and heaven luck), environment and man’s efforts. It is also worth to understand our personality, so we can align what we do with who we are.
Environment plays an important factor in our life. We want to have a good environment so it will boost our efforts.
Fengshui in Chinese philosophical system means to harmonize you with surrounding environment. The surrounding environment can be indoor (inside your home) or outdoor (outside your home).
Flying star in Fengshui is one strategy to identify good chi inside your home or office.
How does flying star in 2017 look like?
You can see the chart below.

To use the flying star chart in your house or office, you can stand at the center of your home or office; and divide it into areas.
The areas with black numbers represent good energy.

  • Number 9 marks Happiness. If you want to attract happy events, use this area more often.
  • Number 8 marks Wealth. If you want to improve your finance/wealth, activate this area.
  • Number 4 marks Academic or Romance. If you want you to pursue academic excellence or romance, do activities at this area.
  • Number 6 marks Power and Fame. You can use it for advancing your career, to gain power or fame.
  • Number 1 marks Assistance/Help. If you need to attract helpful people, activate this area.

If you want to tap good energy according to your need, use certain area in your home/office which has black numbers more often.

The areas with red numbers represent bad chi area. However, sometimes you can use it to your advantage to produce good results such as you want to win the argument.

  • Number 5 marks misfortune.
  • Number 7 marks struggle and rivalry.
  • Number 3 marks arguments.
  • Number 2 marks illness.Do less activities in the areas which have bad chi such as to avoid renovation in these areas.

Feng shui doesn’t guarantee to give you a 100% good life. It only contributes perhaps 30% possibility of having a good life.
I believe that each of us has a personal power to produce good energy within us.
How do we create good energy within ourselves? Do you plan to create good energy within you so you can be productive and efficient; and to produce good results?
People with good energy have a more positive outlook.

Here are some tips to create positive energy within you.

  1. Good nutrition and diet. If you feed all things good into your body, you will feel healthy and have more energy.
  2. Good sleep. Many people sacrifice their sleep for work. Good sleep, 7 to 8 hours a day is important so our body can function well.
  3. Laugh every day. Laugh triggers happiness and repels stress. I’m trained in an organization as a life enhancement coach and they emphasize the importance of laughing.
  4. Workout or Exercise. Exercise produces energy and keeps our body healthy.
  5. Connect and network with positive people who can inspire/motivate you. Talk to them. Just imagine if you talk to people about negative issues such as economy slowdown, you will feel drained too.
  6. Work for all aspects in work life balance. If you pay attention on every aspect, you are giving the positive energy into them, and they will flourish.
  7. Have inspiring goals and work for them. If you are working toward your inspirational goals, you build good energy within you and your life.

If you want to improve your energy,  here are some self-reflection questions to help you:

  • What are you feeling right now? Feeling stuck and overwhelming can be a sign of blocked energy. Feeling good is a sign of having good energy within you. If you don’t feel good, find out the root cause of that feeling.  Working with someone you trust or a life coach can help you release the feeling of uneasiness. Deep conversation or coaching can bring clarity and release the bad feeling.
  • How do you want to feel specifically if you can have your life balance again?  You want to focus on what will work for you.

I wish you enjoy creating a life balance, inviting and tapping good chi into your life.
Happy Fire Rooster New Year 2017!


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