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Make Dream Come True| Learning from Kartini’s story

How do you want to make your dream come true?  Sometimes, we can’t make our dreams come true by ourselves. We need help from other people to make our dream become a reality.

If you are a Solo Entrepreneur or building your career solo, you need other people to make your dream come true. You need to improve your skills continuously so you can help your clients with your products or services, and your clients will exchange them with payment. A coach or a mentor will help you move forward if you need personal help. Join organization so you can increase professionalism in your industry.  We network with people all the time when we build our business or career solo.

Back to Indonesia, I celebrated Kartini’s day on April 21. She is honored as a pioneer in women’s rights in Indonesia. She was born on April 21, 1879. Despite her limitations from tradition and family and she had to stop schooling at the age of 6; she continued to educate herself from home. She didn’t keep her knowledge to herself, but she channelled her dreams and ambition by writing letters to some influential people. In her letters, she voiced her protest against the gender inequality in Javanese tradition and the forced marriage for young women which denied education for women. She influenced people using her letters.  To her, the ideal education for women encouraged empowerment and enlightenment; she also encouraged lifelong education. Although she didn’t live long, she died at age of 25, her friend, Dr. Abendanon, the governor general continued her aspiration by building Kartini’s school for native girls in Indonesia and published the collection of her letters into a book.

I used her story for my storytelling project, Bringing History to Life. We are lucky to live in the 21st century and in the new economy era. We benefit from ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to make information and telecommunication much easier. Today, you can learn and get information online. Information can go virally. You can publish your writings on your own, using website and blog. Use social media with your message, images and videos to spread your influence. Connecting with people through online meeting is possible. 

Besides advantages, there are downsides of ICT. Be aware of virus, malware and hackers. Exercise security and privacy online. People get distractions with social media and online games easily. They may have overwhelming information and get stuck. However, if you learn to be aware and choose to take the benefit of social media and ICT, you will develop yourself and your career/business.

Knowing yourself and aligning your passion with your career using Personality analysis will help.  Keep working with your belief and visualisation to see your dream come true. Learning spiritual manifestation can assist you manifest your goals.  

Make Dream Come True


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