Online Marketing Trends 2016

With online marketing, you can reach people without any boundaries.  If you are selling information products, online marketing must be your marketing strategy.  With mobile technology, people can access Internet easily.  Thus,  your online marketing strategies don’t only reach desktop users, but also target mobile phone users.  People often say that their phone is their best buddy. If you are Solo entrepreneurs, take a look at my review for online marketing trends 2016.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can apply SEO in the articles of your blog, your posts on social media and even in your video. It is wise to search and to use keywords in your writing and spoken words.

Social Media Marketing

There are plenty of social media sites. Which one will you pick up? I favour Facebook from others, because I benefit so much from Facebook such as social proofs and testimonials. I make new friends, build followers and connect with my clients on Facebook.  I also notice that every business, small or big; they have Facebook page.  Almost everyone has a Facebook account. My children also have Facebook accounts so they can communicate with their friends about the school assignments or projects. According to in their survey in March 2015, Facebook is among the top, counts 53.40% compared to other social media sites.  Other social media sites that I use are Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+.  Organize them is the best way to manage your social media sites.


If you plan to have a blog, I would recommend you to use Even successful people still use blog. If you are not successful yet, why don’t you use a blog to build your personal brand?  Invest in a good theme or template so you can have  a nice layout of website and blog. If you need a website and blog,  you can use my service in personal branding website and blog. The purpose of the blog is not only as your business address and to store your articles, but you must share your articles or blog posts to all social media sites so your writing can go viral.

Video Marketing

YouTube continues to dominate the market. According to in their survey in March 2015,  YouTube came number 2 after Facebook. I am using YouTube for the purpose of marketing. Imagine that you can create your own channel on YouTube for free and link your video to your website and social media sites. If you are new on video marketing, you can learn everything about YouTube from YouTube video marketing workshop.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still relevant and used to build a list of potential customers. You can retain your potential customers and existing clients by using email marketing. Make sure that you have free offer in your website and blog for visitors and keep offering your values, products and services to your list.


Webinar is a great way to present your products or services and connect with your audience live. You can record the webinar and save the recording as the video. I offer my recorded webinars as free workshops. Get my free workshop for product creation if you plan to create information product and get my free workshop for YouTube marketing.

I hope that my review of six online marketing trends 2016 will help you plan your marketing strategies in the year 2016. I wish you success for your business in the year 2016.  If you need help in building your business online, do contact me.

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