Positive Reframing, Yes I Can

Previously, I  believed that our situation or event controlled our feeling and our thoughts. However, if you want to design your life the way that you want it, you must control your emotion and thoughts. You can choose how you want to think and how you want to feel.

Hi, I’m Viviana from VivianaAndrew.com. Today, I’m going to talk about positive reframing. Positive reframing means you try to reconsider your thoughts in more positive ways, and it is a powerful tool  to transform your thinking. Positive reframing is often used in coaching process  to help the clients shift their perspective.  The clients shift their perspective, from difficult to more workable situation, from I can’t to I can.  If you change your thoughts, you will change your emotion as well.

If you notice that you often say “I can’t” in your life, it’s time to reframe your thoughts.  I would encourage you to seek a help from a coach rather than you do it alone.  I hope that you benefit from my sharing today, about positive reframing.




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