Generate More Sales With Power Point Presentation

Watch the video below to see how simple effective it is to create power point content that SELLS

The secret of generating more sales is .....

by using Power Point Presentation.

Almost everyone can create power point slides.
But, do you know how to create power point that SELLS?

I have used power point for different purposes:

an ebook or report in pdf, in sales video and in webinar.
I made sales during the webinar by doing power point presentation.

Exciting yay!

Now, I want to share the secret:

how to create power point content that SELLS


I help you get your power point presentation for sales ready for webinar or sales video with my help.

What values will you receive from this workshop?


Video 1: how to create power point (4 different ways in preparing power point templates) including creating power point template with your own image/picture.

Video 2: 10 important key points in creating power point content that sells.


You will not be watching the video tutorials only, but you will apply what you learn by creating power point presentation for sales for the purpose of webinar or sales video. Here is my help with your power point presentation.

  • I provide you with power point template if you need help. 
  • You MUST WORK ON POWER POINT CONTENT prior scheduling one hour consultation session (one time only) with Viviana. I'm going to give you feedback for your power point content.
  • Finalize your power point, so you are ready for your sales presentation using power point or sales video.


I share my best kept secret resources, so you will be prepared for the delivery of your power point presentation at your best.Resources in pdf file: tips for good voice, tips for power point presentation, resources for graphic and sound.