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5 Tips “Invest in Yourself” in Attraction Marketing

Invest in yourself is part of attraction marketing

Many start attraction marketing by investing in hard-core skills.  You buy courses and softwares to  help you building your own business.  It is nothing wrong. Sometimes, we’re overwhelmed with the massive information, there are so many techniques and tips that you can read and learn online.  Of course,  you need internet marketing skills to build your business online. However, the most valuable asset is within you. Invest in yourself first. A human capital is the most valuable asset.  According to Wikipedia, human capital has definition as follows:

“The stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.”

What will happen when you invest in yourself? You create your own values. Your product or service  includes your values, and you can set your price according to the values accumulated. The more you invest in yourself, the more values you have.  Attraction marketing works if you build a business around yourself, integrate yourself  or your human capital into your marketing and your business.

attraction marketing

attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing Online, About Me Video

Attraction marketing online, how do we start?

We start attraction marketing online from ourselves. Knowing yourself is important.  Integrate yourself into the business will make you stand out and be different.  There are still many solo entrepreneurs who hide behind the business. Don’t be shy to tell people about you, your story and your mission.  People connect with you not because your achievements, but they often connect with you because of your struggle  and weakness and how you overcome your obstacles. Building an online business online is not only to make profits.  Be a go giver first, to attract people. You need to make impact for people around you. People will get to know and to like you first before they are doing business with you. It’s important that you love what you are doing. Attraction must come from your spirit inside, attractive attitudes.

Attracting Success with Power of Visualization

Why Power of Visualization?

The power of visualization is the most important tool to help people achieve their goal faster. The invention happens because the inventor is able to visualize their creation. Inventors, leaders and sales people have used the power of visualization to create things or to visualize their results. Kids are very good in exercising the power of visualization. They can visualize  or capture their ideas into pictures vividly. They have their wildest ambition or what they want to be when they grow up.  As we grow up, we find it hard to visualize our dream. That’s too far to project. We’re always thinking of what is possible for us.  If we are not able to visualize our success, what are working toward?

Top 10 Signs You are Building an Unhealthy Business

What is a Healthy Business? How do you see that your business is healthy?

A healthy business is a profitable business. Yes, that is true.

What makes the business profitable?

More customers

What comes before the sale or transaction?

Building relationship

I see the cause here in building a healthy business. In order to build a healthy business, you need to build a healthy business relationship with potential customers.

Attraction Marketing Tips – Personalize Your Home Based Business

I  know that attraction marketing is a hot topic. If you feel frustrated with the push marketing or attacking marketing, don’t conclude that the business is not working. But, change the marketing strategy. Learn attraction marketing.  It makes you happy and potential customers will be attracted to you naturally. Let’s look at the essence why we are doing business and how to personalize home based business with attraction marketing.