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Unleash Your Superpowers

Sunday, June 18 is the father’s day.

Often, Father is the symbol of superpower.

Although my late father passed away 8 years ago, I have good memories of him.

I see my late father as a person who always tried to make the right choices because he was the pillar of the family.

In coincidence with Father’s day is also the ever entertaining  movie, Despicable me 3.:-)

The image from the movie Despicable me

On this father’s day, I invite you to reflect on the invisible power, our Superpower.

Gru is well-known as a villain or the most despicable person. Despite of  being a villain, he also has a superpower of kindness after he met the cute kids from the orphanage.  He changed his heart after meeting those kids.

I believe that everyone has superpowers.

Have you ever done something extraordinary and you felt at the peak?  Yes, you had a superpower at that moment.   However, you need a consistency and efforts to make it permanently.

Procrastination Help|Is There Any Antidote for Procrastination?

How do you get out of procrastination? Procrastination can bring disadvantages to us. We often procrastinate small things, and we think that’s okay. However, procrastination can be a major problem if you make it as part of your life. Procrastination can slow down our progress in life and in our career/business.

Procrastination Help

First step is to question why you procrastinate. People often disguise procrastination with the issues like getting organized or time management. In coaching, we guide the client to find out why she procrastinates. The coach will help the client to dig deep into the root cause of procrastination.

Here are some examples of reasons, why people procrastinate:

Success Tips|Make Your Own Rules of Success and Happiness

You don’t have to depend on other people or circumstances to be happy or to be successful. You can make your success or happiness now by creating rules of success and rules of happiness.

Success and Happiness are like 2 in 1, they are inseparable.

Success is getting what you want and Happiness is wanting what you get – Dave Gardner.

Success Tips

If you are a Solo Entrepreneur and you are building your business; you will attract success and happiness by creating and living your rules of success and happiness daily.  These rules will create good habits in your life.  Get my gift, What is Coaching.  Please share in the comment below what rules you have created in your life.


Coaching Tips, How to Make Your Life Meaningful in Year 2016

coaching tipsWould you like to make your life more meaningful in the year 2016?

Would you like to achieve more in the year 2016?

Let’s start year 2016 with positive attitude and hope.

There are people who predict year 2016 with negativity like:

Year 2016 is going to be tough. The economy around the world slows down. Business is going to be slow. We need to keep our job in order to survive.

How do you feel when you hear someone talk like this? You feel stressful and sorry for yourself, and you may be dragged into a conversation which discusses about all the negative news.

The Big Idea Behind Design Destiny for Greatness

What is the big idea behind design destiny for greatness?

I create this product because we can possibly accelerate success if we have the knowledge about ourselves and take actions. In coaching, it’s very much about planning and taking actions so we can achieve our goals.  Sometimes, the coach uses personality profile test to bring out the knowledge of the client so they can bring out the best from the client and guide the client for planing the best possible outcome.

So, the idea of using Chinese metaphysics because it is fast and likely accurate compared to other personality  profile tests. If you look around, there are people who live with no purpose and they’re lacking of clarity of who they are. By knowing your personality, it will bring self-awareness about who you are and you must take actions.

You can have all knowledge in the world, but if you don’t know about yourself, you will lose battle in life.

I would like to share coaching tips, my big idea of using Chinese metaphysics for personality profile analysis.


Coaching Tips, Knowing Your Personality Profile is MIGHTY

I like coaching because coaching develops man’s potential. How to develop someone’s potential? The first step is by knowing the person.  Do you think that you know yourself 100%? Not many people are aware of their own personalities. People around you describe your personality based on what they see you on the surface. If you see an iceberg, your true self is like the whole iceberg.

coaching tips









Just imagine if you know your true self from your personality profile. You don’t need to second guess by asking people around or making a long list about yourself. You become aware of who you are and you take the knowledge of your personality profile to choose the right career or business. Then, choose the right actions which match to your personality profile to develop your career or business. You can even develop goals and plan based on your personality profile. Knowing your personality profile will guide you to be the best version of you. Don’t just be you.

Here it is coaching tips, why it is important to know your personality profile.

Learn more about Design Your Destiny for Greatness so you get what you want using what you already have.