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Attraction Marketing Tips, Make Money vs Make a Difference

What is more important to you, make money or make a difference first?

Many people choose the first option, to make money first and they assume that they can make changes for their lives.

When you are building a business, and you want to apply attraction marketing, to attract people into your business or to buy your product or service, you must think from the perspective of how your business can make a difference for people’s lives. Do inventory checklist for your expertise, life experiences and values. What can you contribute to people’s lives?

My tips for applying attraction marketing for your business is put aside of your thoughts about getting money from other people or how to sell product/service to people. I know that it is not easy, especially if you operate from scarcity mindset; you are afraid of losing money. You must focus on improving yourself and your business of how you can make a difference for people’s live so they are attracted to you and your business naturally.

Please watch my video below and share your opinions too in the comment box below.