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Go for Goal Desire in Mompreneurship Journey


When I get older, I’ll be stronger…

Waving Flag Theme Song for FIFA World Cup 2010 really  fires people around the world.

I am sure we have all the excitements and are entertained with the 2010 FIFA World Cup Matches All Live from our television. What would you think the mentality of  these players? They must have the first class mentality to deliver TRIUMPH for their team and to make their country proud. With the pressure of fans and spectators, they must meet their expectation to “Go for Goal”.

Last weekend, I watched “Power of The Dream” school production with much excitement.  I had to say that all the words written didn’t only give encouragements to the students and teachers but also to parents who watched the performances.  I guess all great works and great inventions started with a dream, don’t you agree?

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney

You Need Core Desire to Succeed to be Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs are moms who run online home based business. There were many mompreneurs who run online home based business but most of them just survive. They don’t make online profit much. They are just stuck in the middle. They don’t want to give up their online home based business but they don’t want to move forward to educate themselves. I experienced this myself. I was stuck in the middle for 3 ½ years, my online store Kidzpuzzle is still running until now. But I decided to move forward. I educated myself and I now position myself as a mentor or a coach to guide people who want to start network marketing home business. Please visit my training center, Internet Business Strategy if you are interested to learn more.