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What Kind of Environment Helps You Grow?

You may hear the quote that Challenge Makes You Grow. What kind of environment suits your personal growth? Do you think that everyone can grow in a harsh, die hard environment? Some people really develop themselves in a difficult environment. I had been in this environment where they only praised individuals with high performance.  Everyone has different personality and if you look at the plants; different plants grow in a different environment.  Enjoy my video, how you can develop yourself in the right environment.


Create Your Destiny Using Your Personality Profile

Do you believe in destiny and luck?

What is the difference between destiny and luck?

Our destiny is given, it’s beyond our control. We could not choose our parents, siblings, the place or country we were born. We’re born with our personality. Then there is man’s luck depends on your attitude, behaviour, thought, feeling and actions.

How can you create your destiny using your personality profile?

What if you know personality well and you have the ability to handle your circumstances, will you be able to create your destiny for greatness? Of course, knowing your personality profile will give you informed decisions so you can take the right actions. Thus, you can design your destiny for greatness.

Enjoy the video, create your destiny using your personality profile:

The Big Idea Behind Design Destiny for Greatness

What is the big idea behind design destiny for greatness?

I create this product because we can possibly accelerate success if we have the knowledge about ourselves and take actions. In coaching, it’s very much about planning and taking actions so we can achieve our goals.  Sometimes, the coach uses personality profile test to bring out the knowledge of the client so they can bring out the best from the client and guide the client for planing the best possible outcome.

So, the idea of using Chinese metaphysics because it is fast and likely accurate compared to other personality  profile tests. If you look around, there are people who live with no purpose and they’re lacking of clarity of who they are. By knowing your personality, it will bring self-awareness about who you are and you must take actions.

You can have all knowledge in the world, but if you don’t know about yourself, you will lose battle in life.

I would like to share coaching tips, my big idea of using Chinese metaphysics for personality profile analysis.


Coaching Tips, Knowing Your Personality Profile is MIGHTY

I like coaching because coaching develops man’s potential. How to develop someone’s potential? The first step is by knowing the person.  Do you think that you know yourself 100%? Not many people are aware of their own personalities. People around you describe your personality based on what they see you on the surface. If you see an iceberg, your true self is like the whole iceberg.

coaching tips









Just imagine if you know your true self from your personality profile. You don’t need to second guess by asking people around or making a long list about yourself. You become aware of who you are and you take the knowledge of your personality profile to choose the right career or business. Then, choose the right actions which match to your personality profile to develop your career or business. You can even develop goals and plan based on your personality profile. Knowing your personality profile will guide you to be the best version of you. Don’t just be you.

Here it is coaching tips, why it is important to know your personality profile.

Learn more about Design Your Destiny for Greatness so you get what you want using what you already have.