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The World Outlook in 2012 Looks Very Scary, Expect The Unexpected

Leaving behind 2011, we welcome year 2012.  How does the world outlook in 2012?  Daniel Franklin, the executive editor of the economist and Gerald Celente, the director of trend research institute shared their opinions about the world outlook in 2012 in the recent interview with Aaron Task, the host of Daily’s Ticker.

Daniel Franklin, The executive editor of The Economists said:  “The world won’t end in 2012, but at times it will feel as if it is about to. Europe’s debt crisis and America’s long-term fiscal challenges need to be solved.

Gerald Celente, The Director of Trend Research Institute said:  “Economic marshall law is coming in 2012. The greatest depression will start in 2012.  European Union crisis will bring down the global economy.”