Tapping Chinese Astrology for Marketing Trends 2016

How can you benefit from fire monkey year 2016?  Take a look at fire and monkey elements. Monkey represents power, status and recognition and also intelligence. If you have Monkey animal sign in your chart, you may find that learning is easy because intelligence star is with you. Learn more this year. Then, do activities to get recognition, power and status  this year. Since Fire represents communication, promotion,  technology and Internet,  make yourself more visible on the Internet and social media. Use the power of communication to get yourself recognition and promote yourself. If you tap Chinese astrology 2016, the marketing trends 2016 will be online marketing which uses communication skills on the Internet. Write more, speak more and publish your videos on YouTube channel.

Industries in fire element such as hospitality, F & b, electronics, computer, Internet and technology also reap benefits in this fire monkey year. The other industries which will benefit from fire monkey year are industries which have wood and water elements.

What if you don’t have fire and monkey elements in your chart. You can tap from your family members and friends who have  them.  If you do the right activities in this fire monkey year, you will likely bring success for your career or business. Let’s make 2016 be your best year.


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