Tell Your Story, About Me

Tell Your Story

How long have you lived on earth, 30 years, 40 years or 50 years? Do you have stories to tell? Of course, you have plenty of stories to tell. You become the expert of your own life. How would you like to summarize your story in three to five minutes? The best way to do it is via video. Tell your story. Maybe, you think that you aren’t perfect, or you are not the expert. That is okay. You are perfect just the way you are. Do not wait until you are perfect, then you tell the story. Perfection will come along if you make efforts and progress in life. What should you tell in your story?

  • Tell about your name. I tell why my name is such a unique name.
  • Tell the place you live and your family or pets.
  • Tell about your interests, hobbies, passion.
  • Tell about how you overcome obstacles.
  • Your messages to inspire your audience and to connect with them.

You have the flow from your personal life to your professional life.

Here is the example of about me story. I am telling you that I am not perfect:

Another way to create a video “about me story” is by organizing your pictures and turn them into an animated video.

Even, my child 11 years old also created her video “about me story” for school assignment and it was quite fun to get to know her friends’ life too.

I would encourage you to tell your story and create “about me story”. My eldest daughter often has school project about video and I’m glad that I’m able to help her.

Thanks for watching the video “about me story”


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.