The Benefits of Effective Communication

What is the number one skill which I need in marketing and business? My answer is communication skill. People who avoid communication have miserable life. If we can communicate effectively, the quality of our life will improve too.

I received my certificate, Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International because I completed 10 speech projects .  But, it doesn’t mean that Yea…I’m a good speaker. I don’t need to learn anymore.  In fact, my journey to be a better speaker is still very long, but I enjoy it to be a member of Toastmaster International.  I want to speak with purpose, to incorporate my coaching skill and to shift people’s perspective.


Benefits of Effective Communication

When I attended  Toastmasters International speech contest, it was amazing to see the speakers who could entertain and inspire the audience.  Speaking can be fun, entertaining,  inspiring and life-changing.

I see the importance of effective communication today.  The benefits of effective communication are plenty. When we  can communicate effectively, we  will feel good about themselves, and we build self confidence.  We also build  good relationship with other people. Our personal life and professional life will definitely improve when we change the way we communicate.

My question to you:  What is the number one skill that you need so badly so you can improve your life and achieve your goals?

You can watch my video the benefits of effective communication:


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