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The Most Common Fear in Business for Solo Entrepreneurs, Hate Selling

Hate Selling? You are not alone. I encountered with people who wish to make money online, but they don’t like selling.  If you have this kind of feeling, it means that you have symptoms of fear in business.  It isn’t your fault. We love buying, but we don’t want to be persuaded into buying.

If you are solo entrepreneurs, you should focus on improving marketing and sales skills because they are the heart of your business.  Your profits come from sales.  I find that learning marketing is very helpful and makes sales come easier.  So, my advice is learning marketing first then sales skill comes easy. Relax and enjoy the fun so your fear in business will gradually disappear.

Why people hate selling? There are two reasons why people don’t like selling. First, they might experience rejections in the past. Second, they lack of communication skills. Is it necessary that we learn sales skills? Yes, sales skills are important. But, what comes before closing sales? It is building relationship with your potential customers. I hate selling too. Selling for me means confronting people or pushing people into buying. I don’t feel comfortable with selling; however, I like the idea of building relationship with potential customers before sales. Think again why people buy from you if you are a Solo entrepreneur. One reason why people buy from you is because you have a credibility.  It is important to build your credibility as an advisor or a consultant that provides a solution for them. Hence, you need to improve your knowledge, values and communication skills.  You need to position yourself in a unique way. The more unique and knowledgeable you are, the higher values you have and people are attracted to you so closing sale is easier.

How do you build your credibility? Today is internet age. It is so easy to build your credibility online.  You can use social media platform to build your credibility online.  Take a look at Facebook  page, most of the solo entrepreneurs are building their credibility by building their personal brand well through social media platform.  So, you have a good personal branding and you need to learn marketing.  Do learn marketing because marketing is a tool to get potential customers, prospects or leads.  The act of giving will attract potential customers because you are giving them an opportunity to get to know you, your branding and a sample of your product or service.  Interacting with your audience through Facebook page and email marketing are an effective tool in marketing.  For solo entrepreneurs, it is important to merge your personality into the business so the business has a soul, and it’s a UNIQUELY YOU business.  By applying attraction marketing, the thought of hate selling will diminish as you are having fun in building relationship with your potential customers. Formulate your marketing messages well, ask questions and make comments as well. By building relationship with your potential customers, you know well their problem and you can tailor the solution according to their need.

Solo Entrepreneurs, don’t let your fear in business become the stumbling block for your success. Marketing is about understanding your target market well. Learning marketing and improving communication skills continuously are the best ways to address your fear “hate selling.”  You will have emotional maturity by overcoming your business fear, and your business will grow too.


Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.