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Tips for Solo Entrepreneurs: Leadership and Attraction Marketing Online on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent social media platform to build communication online with people.  I love using Facebook and it’s fun.  I have awesome friends from around the world on Facebook. I learn, share and grow on Facebook. I’m building my social proofs on Facebook too.  How do you  build leadership and attraction marketing online on Facebook? Here are my tips for Solo Entrepreneurs:

1. Use greetings and personal touch. Say hello and get to know your new friends who just add you on Facebook.  Say hello to the community, thank you and appreciate people who give you comments and likes.  Mention the name of the person and give your kind words for their comments.

2. Asking feedback from people. I often use Facebook group to ask for feedback. Of course, you need to participate too to give your feedback.

3. People love inspiration and encouragements. Post them and ask their opinions too.

4. Most people just care to post their business and opportunity, and many messages are  “threatening messages,”  people are no longer interested in “making money online” because there are many of them.   People need empathy and kind words too.  People will see the values in you.

Watch the following video for building leadership and attraction marketing online on Facebook.

My tips for solo entrepreneurs are to be humble and be sincere. Lead like a servant. You’re not only acting as a marketer, but you take up roles, a leader and a motivator.  Lead with empathy and your values.  You’re building relationship with people first before your business is growing.

I would appreciate if you share your tips too for  leadership and attraction marketing online on Facebook.


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