Top 10 Signs You are Building an Unhealthy Business

What is a Healthy Business? How do you see that your business is healthy?

A healthy business is a profitable business. Yes, that is true.

What makes the business profitable?

More customers

What comes before the sale or transaction?

Building relationship

I see the cause here in building a healthy business. In order to build a healthy business, you need to build a healthy business relationship with potential customers.

I guess everyone has an intention to build a healthy business. However,  what they do along the way is building an unhealthy business.  Here are 10 signs that you are building an unhealthy business:

  1. You choose the wrong business. You don’t have a passion in this business, but you just follow the crowd because of  BIG MONEY behind the business.
  2. You want the result quick but you don’t want to go through the process, learning the business skills. Success is a process. Entrepreneurs must be willing to go through the process.
  3. You must not have resentment about yourself, love yourself first. If you are a happy person, the other person will sense it and thus you build a happy and healthy relationship with people.
  4. Building relationship starts from family, with people around you.  When you have a happy relationship with your family, you will reflect it by building a happy and healthy relationship with potential customers.
  5. You start a business with WHAT IF attitude. When you decide something, cast away your doubts. Nurture your mindset so you will have a strong WHY.
  6. You don’t have a clear goal. Setting a goal help you focus on what you want to achieve.
  7. You don’t know your target market. You just storm everyone with your products/service.
  8. You want to make a sale quickly without building a relationship with people or qualifying them.
  9. You don’t want to give to people, but you want to get from people. People will become resistant if you try to get from them.
  10. You use attacking marketing strategy instead of attraction marketing strategy.  Attraction marketing takes time and efforts but it is the best marketing strategy to attract people to be interested in your business naturally. People get to know you and you build a healthy business relationship first before the transaction happens.

Building a healthy business requires 3P: passion, patience and persistence. It is not an overnight effort. There is no easy shortcut to build a business. It needs your money, time and efforts. Many people have a perception that making money online in Internet business is easy. It is not easy to build an online business, we need to learn internet marketing.  If you rush to make money online, the result that you will get is you are not making money online. Having a business mindset is a must otherwise you will become a seasonal entrepreneur.

As always, I love your opinion or feedback on how to build a healthy business.



Hello, I'm Viviana, working with small business owners and individuals who want to create a fulfilling business or a career by monetizing your passion, purpose and personal values. Believe in yourself to create the perfect lifestyle in life and business you want to have and expand your capacity.

  • You said it correctly, building a profitable business takes time and if its online it takes more time. People jump in for quick money and less work but once they find that its kind of opposite they gets discouraged.

    passion and persistence can take a long way.
    Sanjeev@Promote a blog recently posted…A Beginners Guide – How to Promote a BlogMy Profile

    • Viviana says:

      Hi Sanjeev, thank you for your comment. Yes, that’s true. There’re works in all kinds of business. If you have a passion, you don’t feel like you’re working.

  • I made the first mistake, I chose the wrong topic in the beginning and now I have a great blog in a niche I’m not passionate about just sitting and collecting virtual dust. I was quick to realize where my interests lay, and was able to build something I was truly passionate about, but it just goes to show that a little planning in the beginning can save you both time and money!
    Warren@Internet Marketing recently posted…Having a Can-Do attitudeMy Profile

  • Sandi says:

    I love the 3P’s. Passion, patience and persistence. Great way to remember what you should do.
    Sandi recently posted…Breaking Your Business Plan Into Manageable ChunksMy Profile

    • Viviana says:

      Thanks Sandi for your comment. Many people want to have quick results without going through patience and persistence and they don’t even know if they have a passion or not.

  • Adrienne says:

    Great explanation Viviana…

    I see a lot of mistakes that people make in your list. I know that a lot of people join this industry but don’t really know what to do. Like Warren said below, he got into something but wasn’t passionate about it.

    All I knew is that I was passionate about helping others so whatever way I could achieve that, I was in. But patience is definitely the key along with the right attitude. Or else, they will fall into one of the things you mention on your list. Yikes!

    Great post and thanks for putting this list together. Very helpful when you see it spelled out.
    Adrienne recently posted…Why You Need A Bulletproof Mindset To SucceedMy Profile

  • Hi Viviana,

    You make alot of valid points and they are all true.

    I especially like the WHAT IF approach. I see people try things out and use their doubts to disrupt any progress that could come their way. It doesnt work like that. One has got to throw doubts out of the window and COMMIT.

    Thanks 🙂

    Tosin | Home-based business coach recently posted…Blog Bounce Rate: How to Improve Your Blog Bounce RateMy Profile

  • For me the number one reason that many businesses fail is just because they don’t the business owners do not actually love what they are doing and they just believe that being their own boss means that they will make a lot money and they will improve their social status.

    When they realize that it’s really difficult to run a business they just give up which leads to the failure of their business.

    On the other hand people who love what they are doing and they are passionate don’t give up so easily even in tough times and this increases the possibilities that their business will be successful at the end…
    Kostas@Extra Income recently posted…Blogs that made it to screen and print. Could yours transition too?My Profile

    • Viviana says:

      Hi Kostas, I love what you said, “If they are passionate, they won’t give up the business so easily even in tough times.” May I add that success is attracted by the person you become. As we learn from failures and improve our skills, success will eventually come.

  • Viviana I love this post as it’s so true. People need to learn that running a business takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. As a mentor I spend the majority of my time reinforcing this – there is no quick fix and if you follow your 3 p’s you will win:)
    Lilach Bullock recently posted…Twitter Lists and why you should be using themMy Profile

  • Stacy says:

    Hi Viviana,
    This is a great list, there are a lot of very common mistakes on there.

    Stacy recently posted…Afformations For a Successful Holiday SeasonMy Profile

  • Tisha says:

    Viviana, I love your last point #10. Some people may not know that they are using attack marketing strategy, because they are in the mindset that they want to make money quick.

  • Barry Ranns says:

    When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing, until I started networking with other blogs, and this taught me so many things. mainly, don’t expect overnight success. The Internet is such a fast moving medium, and so many people join Internet Marketing with the belief that making money will be as quick as the Internet. Once that belief has been replaced with a common sense of business building, that’s when to start seeing small results.

    Barry Ranns recently posted…A Few Myths DispelledMy Profile

  • Catarina says:

    Agree with you that passion, patience and persistence are important. Maybe adding power fuelling, pioneer and proficient would make the Ps even more important?

    Also have a plan B for when it’s needed.

    • Viviana says:

      Hello Catarina, what interesting Ps you have: power fuelling, pioneer and proficient. Thank you so much, it will make 6Ps then.

  • Hello Viviana!
    The 3Ps: passion, patience and persistence. I agree! I think these 3Ps come easy if you do the homework before you jump into a business. Bottom line, your heart’s gotta be in it. Because, you know, people are not stupid: they can see where you’re coming from. Blessings!
    Srinivas Reddy@Is Fast Food Bad For You recently posted…Is Fast Food Bad For You?My Profile

  • DiTesco says:

    I totally relate with you on this one. The 3Ps is absolutely mandatory to run a successful healthy business. Sadly, there are those who still prefer to choose the short route, only to come to a conclusion that their effort has gone in vain. Easy money has obviously a good ring to it, and while this could have been possible in the past, it no longer is. There are just way to much things involved.. Solid tips
    DiTesco recently posted…How Being Creative And Helpful Can Get You PaidMy Profile

  • Reno Lovison says:

    Target marketing is among the top criteria for me. I think your successful business should target a group that you have special knowledge of and I think you are doing just that.

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