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Unleash Your Superpowers

Sunday, June 18 is the father’s day.

Often, Father is the symbol of superpower.

Although my late father passed away 8 years ago, I have good memories of him.

I see my late father as a person who always tried to make the right choices because he was the pillar of the family.

In coincidence with Father’s day is also the ever entertaining  movie, Despicable me 3.:-)

The image from the movie Despicable me

On this father’s day, I invite you to reflect on the invisible power, our Superpower.

Gru is well-known as a villain or the most despicable person. Despite of  being a villain, he also has a superpower of kindness after he met the cute kids from the orphanage.  He changed his heart after meeting those kids.

I believe that everyone has superpowers.

Have you ever done something extraordinary and you felt at the peak?  Yes, you had a superpower at that moment.   However, you need a consistency and efforts to make it permanently.

I take an example from the graphic below:

In life, there’re ups and downs . When we are at the bottom, we need to find our superpowers so we can rise again.

Often, our limiting belief and our resistance block us from unleashing our super powers.  We are too afraid to get out of the conformity zone.  However, we need to get out of our comfort zone and rise again in the new territory of learning. In learning zone, we will experiment, discover and integrate, and we build our future.


I am still working on building my superpowers too.  Communication is not my forte.  I am not perfect either.  However, I’m happy to use Internet and technology to communicate with people worldwide using a virtual meeting platform. I can also express my opinions and thoughts on various communication platforms such as my blog and social media.  I’m happy to explore in the area of ICT (Information Communication and Technology).

Internet and technology are a powerful too if we want to use them as a source of information and communication. We can reach out to people worldwide.  However, you are more powerful than the technology and Internet, because you generate ideas, and you can inspire and motivate people.

So, in order that you can unleash your superpowers, find something that motivates you and makes you happy.  If you need help, seek help from a mentor, a coach or a community to elevate your belief and motivation.  You can read my ebook Inspire your ambition to unleash your superpowers.  Start with the statement of I: 😉

I  AM  (affirm yourself of your intention)



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