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Video Marketing Tips, How to Make The Video Challenge More Fun?

When things get tough, how do you want to overcome the obstacle or the challenge?

One way is to ask a different question so we can take a different action and produce different result.

When I’m on 39th day of 90-day video challenge and I’m also in 26th day of  30-day video challenge, my croc brain puts up a resistance, “Don’t do it, just let go the challenge”

I need to switch to my monkey brain which induces creative side, it tells me differently, “Have fun, just do it.”

So, here it is my video marketing tips,  I asked myself a different question, “How to make the video challenge more fun?” instead of asking a question, “How can I be more persistent in doing video challenge?”

I like to call it 90-day video fun instead of 90-day video challenge.

What would you do if you have challenges in your life? What question do you ask to yourself?

I’m delighted to the response or comments of the video which I posted during the video challenge, 35 comments in a day and I made sales too for my YouTube video marketing workshop.


Video Marketing Tips



The benefits of video challenge are plenty for me:

  • I practice my communication skill.
  • I exercise to be creative, to produce one idea  for my video per day.
  • I have the opportunity to create different types of opt-in video and videos for various topics.
  • I have more bonding with participants in the challenge. We know them more through their video-sharing.
  • I educate people about the importance of coaching, goal setting and attraction marketing online.
  • I improve video editing a lot.

and the great things are I sold few of my YouTube video marketing workshops.

Please check out my video marketing tips, how to make the video challenge more fun:





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