Video Marketing Tips|Share Your Video

Video marketing tips, share your video

I am glad that I made decision to use YouTube to host my videos.  The advantage of using YouTube is because YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and it is owned by Google.  Why do we need to share our video? When we create a video for marketing purpose, the video is for your audience. So, share your video. I’m sharing three video marketing tips, how to share your video.

  1. Share your video from YouTube. I would recommend you to use YouTube to host your videos because it is so easy to share from YouTube.
  2. Embed your video in your blog or website. When you write an article, include your video. When you publish the article, don’t forget to share the article to various social media.
  3. Use email marketing to notify your list about your new article or video.

Check out my video marketing tips, how to share your video:



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