Video Marketing Tips, What Is Branding Intro Video?

Video Marketing is the trend for online marketing and the fastest way to rank your business and website on search engines like Google.  Today, I’m going to share video marketing tips about the importance of branding intro video.

What is branding intro video?

Branding intro video is the short clip which you can add in the beginning of your video

The duration of Branding intro video is between 3 to 5 seconds.

What are the benefits of using branding intro video?

The benefits  are to promote your channel and to create  awareness about your brand and  your message.

My question to you is how would you like to brand yourself in the video?

Watch the video below about video marketing tips, what is branding intro video. You can also find some examples of branding intro videos which I created for the clients to help them to be INCREDIBLE and UNFORGETTABLE in their personal brand. I look forward to helping you to become incredible and unforgettable.

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